Redundancy block, the government seeks the solution in Parliament-

a race against time. Just twenty days to that June 30th which, after 15 months, will unblock layoffs in large Italian companies. Expected and feared date. And that sees an all against all, especially among the majority parties. The Ministry of Labor does not hide the concern also because the time for an intervention is really short, and even if the work on the reform of the social safety nets goes on, it will only see the light by the end of July.

The Sostegni bis decree being examined by the Parliament but its conversion into law scheduled for early July, too late. However, Thursday expires the deadline for submitting amendments to the decree and by some majority forces (Read and M5S) requests will arrive to postpone the deadline. The Five Stars, through the Undersecretary for Labor Rossella Accoto, better clarify their position in favor of an extension of the ban until October 30, such as that for small businesses, pending the reform of social safety nets. it is necessary to think in a transversal perspective between the governing parties on one gradual release, overcoming pre-established ideological positions, explains Accoto, who asks for a strong and cohesive majority to do so in a short and contingent time frame.

Becoming difficult to do so with the Sostegni bis, the other way could be that of an ad hoc decree, but it will be difficult for the premier Mario Draghi runs through it, unless there is an agreement with the majority and the social partners. But the Movement completely discards the proposal of the League and the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti of a selective release, considered inapplicable. Instead, selectivity can be a way for the Pd leader Enrico Letta because the recovery is asymmetrical, so we must protect the workers. The CISL does not go back on the extension to October 30 and asks the government to reopen the confrontation with the union.

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Companies, on the other hand, say they are more optimistic. Second Federmeccanica, they will hire more than fire, even if they struggle to find the necessary skills. It also confirms this Paolo Agnelli, president of Confimi: There is a lack of electricians, painters, carpenters, all professional skills that cannot be found: 89.5% of manufacturing companies are not licensed and another 35% are looking for staff and they do not see this catastrophe announced after the release.

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