Renzi also under investigation for a conference in the United Arab Emirates –

of Antonella Mollica

it was the leader of Italia viva himself who gave the news of the new investigations into his account in the book Controcorrente

The revelation on the latest investigation concerning him comes from the pages of the book just published and presented yesterday in Florence: At the beginning of 2020 I received a guarantee notice for non-existent performance after attending a conference in Abu Dhabi. Matteo Renzi, after getting in trouble for the documentary on Florence (investigated for illicit financing together with the TV manager Lucio Presta), now reveals, in the book Countercurrent, to be investigated for a year and a half by the Public Prosecutor of Florence also for his activity as an international lecturer. The offense that he is contesting invoices for non-existent operations in relation to the compensation received for the two-day conference which saw the presence of Sarkozy, Blair and Cameron.

At the center of the investigation, which started with a report from a banking institution to the UIF, the Anti-Money Laundering Prevention Unit of Bankitalia, there is a srl ​​of Portici (Naples), Carlo Torino and associates, founded in November 2019 with a capital of 1,500 euros, which would have acted as intermediary for Renzi’s compensation. The operation suspects a 75 thousand euro transfer to the srl account from the Salt venture group Llc, a US marketing and communication company led by Antony Scaramucci, former communications director of the Trump White House. That money would then be used to make two payments for a total of 33,000 euros to Renzi as remuneration for a half-hour speech on the future of Europe at the congress in Abu Dhabi. For this conference – explains Renzi in the book – I received a consideration remitted in a legitimate and transparent way on which I paid the taxes. it is also needless to say that only the undersigned, and only by the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office, have been advanced on the paid conferences that take place in many countries of the world and which characterize the activities of many former heads of government around the planet. Do you want to prevent a former Italian prime minister from what former leaders around the world are constantly doing? On what legal basis?

Even the Roman investigation into the documentary, which started with a report to the UIF after the € 700,000 loan that Renzi and his wife received from the Tuscan entrepreneur Riccardo Maestrelli to buy the villa in Florence in June 2018. The loan will be fully repaid 5 months later through a series of wire transfers from Renzi’s account with money from from various Italian and foreign companies, including Arcobaleno Tre di Presta. Other suspicious reports are at the origin of the investigation into illicit financing on Open, the safe that financed Renzi’s rise from mayor of Florence to premier. Continue to attack me – Renzi writes in the evening on Facebook – I do not give up.

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