Retired at 62 with 1,150 euros or at 67 with 1,300? Expansion contract: the accounts

The dilemma of retirees: better with a lighter check first?

Is it better to have a pension of € 1,149 at the age of 62, or a pension of € 1,308 at the age of 67? This is the dilemma that the expansion contract could pose to employees of medium and large companies. 2022 is approaching and in just over six months, with the end of Quota 100, many workers risk retiring up to 5 years later than those with a few months of age or contributions. Among the hypotheses on the table is the idea of ​​extending the expansion contract mechanism to smaller companies of 100 or perhaps 50 employees. Although the age limit of 62 refers to the threshold set by Quota 100, it is a different mechanism. The expansion contract in fact provides a series of rules and requirements that the company must comply with: it is necessary to sign an agreement with the social partners and the Ministry of Labor, with the aim of facilitating the exit of workers closest to retirement and schedule new hires. A path that is not immediate and that requires many steps. Let’s see which ones with the help of Andrea Carbone, economist and partner of Progetica.

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