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The influencer on Instagram takes inspiration from a directive of the Marche Region and the growing number of medical objectors. “A policy that risks becoming national if the right wins the elections”

A message in defense of abortion and against the policies of the right that would like to limit this right. Chiara Ferragni breaks into the electoral campaign bringing to the fore – with the weight of his own over 20 million followers – an ethically sensitive topic such as the voluntary termination of pregnancy and brought into question by the fact that in many areas of Italy theabortion is impossible due to the high number of objecting gynecologists. “Now is our time to act and make sure these things don’t happen» writes the number one Italian influencer.

Chiara Ferragni makes her voice heard through a story published on his Instagram profile. The cue comes from what is happening in Marche. “FdI – this is the text that appeared on the social profile – has made it practically impossible to have an abortion in Marche, the region it governs. A policy that risks becoming national if the right wins the elections”. A telegraphic message but that connects immediately with the electoral appointment of September 25.

But what happened in Marche What caught the influencer’s attention? According to a complaint filed last June in the regional council by the Pd representative Manuela Bora “for abortion the Marches are worse than Texas”. The Region – governed by the centre-right junta led by the Melonian Francesco Acquaroli – would not be applying the directives of the Ministry of Health on Law 194. In particular – according to the councilor dem – would not consent to the practice of pharmacological abortion (with the Ru 486 pill) in clinics. Women would thus be obliged to turn to hospitals; but the Marches have one of the highest percentages of objecting doctors, with spikes in some hospitals of 80%. In fact, fulfilling the minimum terms of women’s right to have an abortion.

A similar line was adopted by two other Regions administered by the centre-right, Umbria and Abruzzo. The first provided for a mandatory three-day hospital stay for patients who say no to pregnancy (and the prohibition of pharmacological abortion in clinics or at home); in the second, the governor Marco Marsilio sent a circular recommending to consultants not to prescribe the “morning after pill”. Contrary to the provisions of the Ministry of Health. Also in Piedmont the centre-right had asked to restrict the practice of abortion to hospitals.

Chiara Ferragni’s step in defense of 194 could not go unnoticed. Among the first to react Pd parliamentarian Alessia Moraniwith a tweet: “Thanks to Chiara Ferragni, a beacon is lit on the Marches governed by FdI. We have been carrying on this battle for two years in the indifference of the majority”. And always at home Valeria Fedeli he asks: “What does Giorgia Meloni think?” .

Instead, Isabella Rauti and Eugenia Roccella are replicating for Fratelli d’Italia: “Reading the latest signed by Minister Speranza, it is evident that in Marche the so-called Ivg service offer is far superior to the national one: the voluntary terminations of pregnancy can be carried out in 92.9% of the facilities healthcare while the Italian average is 62%. Regarding the so-called “chemical abortion” (RU486 pill), however, it should be remembered that the guidelines of the Ministry are not binding”.

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