Ruthie Tompson, the legendary Disney animator- died at the age of 111

from Eva Cabras

Tompson has been part of the Disney team for 40 years, earning an iconic place among the animation professionals worldwide

one of the most famous and significant Disney animators, one of the pieces of the original team that churned out the classics of the golden age, including the first feature film by Walt Disney Productions, “Snow White”, in 1937. A pioneer and respected professional across the industry, Tompson was also one of the first three women to join the International Photographers Union since 1952.

First of all, a painter

Born in Maine and raised in Hollywood, Tompson met Walt Disney before the big movie leap, and joined the team as a painter in the Ink and Paint department, contributing to the definition of the style that has enchanted millions of children and adults for nearly forty years. years. After starting out in painting, the animator moved on to more decision-making tasks, taking care of the final control over the film, the planning of the scenes and the camera movements, making herself indispensable for the success of the final product.

The retirement in 1975

In 1975 Ruthie Tompson retires, after completing the work on “The Adventures of Bianca and Bernie” and in 2000 receives the title of Disney Legend, for her long-lasting collaboration with Disney and for her indispensable work in films such as “Pinocchio” , “Fantasia”, “Dumbo”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Robin Hood”. In the statement issued on the occasion of Tompson’s passing, the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, remembers the animator as follows: “Although we will miss his smile and his wonderful sense of humor, the his exceptional work and his pioneering spirit will forever inspire us all. “

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