Salvini incorrect, no to the commission of inquiry –

The first to go up to Palazzo Chigi to communicate to the premier all the discomfort with the Salvini method was Pier Luigi Bersani, furious at the Northern League attacks on the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. Today it was the turn of Enrico Letta protest with Mario Draghi, that’s just wrong – explained the secretary of the Democratic Party to the Prime Minister – Salvini has to choose, either outside or inside.

The competition between the forces that support the government of national unity is getting stronger, in the polls the two main parties are almost coupled and the rivalry is felt. Former Prime Minister Letta, who responds to Salvini almost every day blow by blow, he asked Draghi for clarity, fairness and compliance with the common commitment to support the government: We are dissatisfied with the Salvini method.

The dem secretary believes incorrect and unacceptable that the head of the League, aligned with the founder of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, you invoke a commission of inquiry on how the Conte government has handled the Covid emergency while the pandemic is still in progress. But not only to talk about Salvini that Letta went up to Palazzo Chigi: at the center of the face to face economic dossiers, with the leader of the Democratic Party who emphasized how the next decree must set the conditions for create jobs through incentives and tax exemptions for new activities. In addition to the occupation, which has nightmarish numbers, Letta asks for attention to young people with home help and psychological support to the boys after 15 months of dad.

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