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According to rumors, the project would be stopped due to problems related to the broadcast and disagreements between the two protagonists

From the announcement of the expected remake of “Sandokan” – the hit miniseries that aired in the 1970s starring Kabir Bedi as the Tiger of Malaysia – it’s been several months now. They had been involved in the project Can Yaman, popular Turkish actor face of «DayDreamer» and «Mr Wrong», for the lead role and Luca Argentero, fresh from the success of the fiction «Doc – In your hands», for the part of Yanez de Gomera. Filming was set to start for summer 2021, but at the moment it looks like there’s nothing new on the horizon. Indeed: according to rumors the project would be stopped, due to some recent problems.

The first concerns the broadcasting: as the weekly reveals New the series, which originally should have been broadcast on Rai or Mediaset networks, could instead land on a streaming platform (Netflix or Amazon Prime). In addition, there are some rumors about the relationship between the two protagonists who it wouldn’t be the best. In fact, Can Yaman and Luca Argentero were spotted in Puglia, inside the same restaurant in Gallipoli (a place where they both spent a holiday period), and – according to what was reported by those present – they would not even say goodbye.

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