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The leader of the Pd Chamber: our values ​​are the protection of the most fragile and rights

of Simona Brandolini

Sarracino on November 7, 2019 she wrote on fb: “Blessed are those who rebel to obtain a fairer world. Happy anniversary of the Revolution”. Of October obviously. For this post he entered the crosshairs of Giorgia Meloni. Do you claim it? Does he distance himself from it?
“You can remember a historical event and at the same time condemn what happened afterwards. I believe that for a 30-year-old boy to dream of changing the world and improving people’s living conditions is completely legitimate.” And the first time that the metropolitan secretary of the Pd, head of the Camera in Naples and province, responds after the dust raised by the head of FDI. For a post against the State of Israel, his “youth” colleague La Regina had to take a step back.

He is not a Bolshevik.
“No, I don’t feel like a dangerous Bolshevik, I am a member and a native of the Pd, a party that bases its battles on precise values ​​such as Europe, the protection of the most fragile, of those who feel excluded from decision-making processes, the improvement . of people’s living conditions and the safeguarding of our planet”.

Let’s continue with the identity card: and Atlanticist?
“I believe in the geopolitical location of our country firmly fixed by the Draghi government. Obviously, it will only be a case, but among the posts they forgot to publish there are all those in support of the Ukrainian people and about the demonstrations that I organized as secretary”.

Red and black, us and them, the Pd’s communication is based on polarization, but do you really believe in the black danger? Or is Bassolino right that by continuing to talk about fascism you will win the right?
“No one is evoking the black danger, we are simply running an electoral campaign in which the different ideas of country that exist between the Pd and the right of Meloni and Salvini emerge. We are, for example, for one more month cut the fiscal wedge, they are in favor of underpaid work. We are in favor of renewable energies by putting the topic of ecological transition at the center of our program, while they are for the return to fossil fuels».

Piombino regasifier: yes or no?
“It will be done because the transition involves long periods, but the future is certainly not the regasifier. The Pnrr is the forms of alternative energies, that is the future. The right voted against the Pnrr and therefore against these investments”.

Are you more leftist, reformist, progressive, what?
“I am a progressive democrat, I am 33 years old, when I was born the Berlin wall fell. I am passionate about history, but I am especially interested in the one that has yet to be written. When you say that right and left no longer exist, you deny the existence of two different ideas of country. And usually it is said by those on the right”.

The lists of the Pd are full of catapulted, showing that the link with the territory has been broken, and the expression of the currents.
“All the parties have guaranteed a personality of national importance not related to this territory to be elected in Campania, but it seems to me that the centre-right has many more external parties than the Pd”.

Meager consolation, fault of the electoral law?
“It is obvious that the combined set of parliamentarians-Rosatellum, whose creator will be a candidate against me in the Chamber of Deputies, has caused the relationship between the territory and the national party to be called into question. After that, I don’t think that as far as the Pd is concerned there was a victory of the currents, rather we followed a precise path, that is, candidacies that came from the territories, approved in a provincial direction, and that reflected internal pluralism. We are certainly not what happened in 2018 with Renzi”.

Oh right?
“Absolutely not. With Renzi we learned about the lists only when reading them in the national direction”.

She is the only Neapolitan capolista, coincidentally Neapolitan at this point.
“I am not from Naples by chance because I am a candidate in the federation of which I am secretary. And I believe that the party we inherited is very different from what we have today. We managed to win almost all the administrative elections, we were the first party, we returned to the government of the city after ten disasters and above all we built a community where having different positions is not an element of threat, but wealth. The search for unity in these years has always been a priority”.

Will Mayor Manfredi and President De Luca lend a hand to Pd?
“We will build the conditions showing what happens. The civility that in these years has approached both the president of the Region and the mayor of Naples has as a natural outlet the Pd which is the first party in the Region and in the city”.

The wind is blowing from the centre-right, but Campania seems to be more competitive.
“First of all, the election campaign starts now. The result is not written at all. We will present ourselves not only telling what we have done but also what we will do. The Pd will forcefully claim the Pact for Naples and will claim it because support for local bodies is in the DNA of our political force, unlike the League”.

Autonomy yes or no?
“I’m against it.”

You vote in Scampia, where in 2018 the M5S took 65 percent thanks to Citizenship Income, will you defend it?
“We defend the idea of ​​protecting citizens who live in difficult conditions and we believe that one of the mistakes of the left, before the secretaries of Zingaretti and Letta, was to blame poverty. And an idea that we fight culturally. At the same time not all things have worked, the income has changed through a strengthening of active labor policies».

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