Sarri-Roma: the insults to Mancini and the journalist, the unstoppable Juve, the wife who hates smoking, Bukowski. 10 things to know about the returning coach

May 4, 2021 – 1:44 pm

The coach is ready to return after a sabbatical: football teacher and personality to sell, his career is full of controversial episodes. Here are some of them, along with the passions and secrets of private life

of Salvatore Riggio

Maurizio Sarri very close to Roma, who on Tuesday 4 May announced the divorce at the end of the season with Fonseca. And Sarri can’t wait to come back and get back in the game after the season lived as a spectator. A paradox, having been the last coach to win the Scudetto in Italy at the helm of Juventus until last week. But before hitting the success with the bianconeri, Sarri has done a lot of apprenticeship. He started with provincial football between the First Category and Excellence with Stia, Faellese, Cavriglia, Antella, Valdema and Tegoleto, until his promotion to Serie D, in 2001, at the helm of Sansovino, a club in the province of Arezzo. From there he climbed into professionalism: from 2003 to 2005 with the Sangiovannese in C2 and C1. Between 2005 and 2011 he sailed (a lot) in B and (a little) in C with Pescara, Arezzo, Avellino, Verona, Perugia, Grosseto, Alessandria and Sorrento. The turning point came with Empoli in 2012 in B. In the second season he wins promotion to Serie A and salvation even four seasons in advance. He goes to Napoli and stays there for three seasons, until 2018. Cohabitation with Aurelio De Laurentiis is not easy. He accepts Chelsea’s offer and after only one season in the Premier League, he goes to Juventus. Now there is Rome. Sarri in his career won the Europa League with the Blues in 2019 and the Scudetto with the Bianconeri in 2020. An excellent technician, a master recognized by many, he accompanies his skill on the pitch with a strong character and a unique personality, which have often dragged him into controversial situations. Here are some of them, together with some fixed points of his life, public and private.

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