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from Aldo Grasso

Sky Atlantic offers the Hbo remake of Ingmar Bergman’s classic. Five episodes that are a long anguished confession to the public, involved as an analyst

Sky Atlantic proposes the Hbo reinterpretation of Ingmar Bergman’s classic, “Scenes from a wedding”, premiered in Venice. It would be more correct to write that it is the remake of the 1973 series of the same name (but in Italy it only came out in 1978, with an unexpected success with the public) in key “In treatment” since it is written and directed by Hagai Levi. Mira (Jessica Chastain) is an established professional dissatisfied with her marriage, while Jonathan (Oscar Isaac) is a philosophy professor struggling to save the relationship. The five episodes are a long anguished confession to the public, involved as an analyst, and in the end it will be interesting to compare the impact on the Italian audience, 43 years after the original.

When Bergman’s series came out (he had joyfully discovered TV and with it that public success that cinema had bestowed on him with more avarice), François Truffaut praised the Swedish director because he had grasped the essence of TV: «On TV the common thread is dialogue. A good television program is one that can be followed even if one has to leave the room to make a visit to the bathroom, the kitchen, the phone: he loses the image, but hears the dialogue. In other words, a television director is like a radio director: first of all he has to worry that the show has a logic for the ear, because it is the ear that must be fed first; the eye will be thought of later ». Is he right? Thinking about it, 90 percent of TV is word (the image especially loves great misfortunes) and a genre like the talk show has taken root not by chance, even the commentaries are eating the sporting event. The word on TV assimilates reality, dramatizing it, to the detriment of the image. “Scenes from a wedding” is already a podcast, with no need for further intervention.

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