After revelations, rumors and denials comes the confirmation in the magazine “Vanity Fair”: Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli leave.

Married since 2002, with three children together, the couple speaks for the first time about the epilogue of marriage and the beginning of a new life together. The two talk about the reasons for their split: “We are separated, but still more united than ever. We will continue to be, for our family, between us.” The feeling is strong, but it is no longer what brought us closer”.

To the question “How long have you been living apart”? Bruganelli replied, “It’s not a matter of date, time — we’re parents, we’ll continue to vacation together, we’ll keep the same momentum.” That’s the news. There are no third parties or lovers involved.” “Maybe then…” added Bonolis, “then they won’t be lovers anymore.” To our children we were always mom and dad, nothing changes. “It’s just missing the physical relationship,” Sonia replied.

Referring to what was wrong with her account, Bonolis told Vanity Fair, “For a time, Sonia had difficulty staying in a situation that was no longer hers. She made an effort and I have to congratulate her for that until it was useless.” to continue. We talked about it, he explained it to me, I understood it. You can’t expect a person to live differently than they feel.”

“Some things that go with a couple relationship I couldn’t live with enthusiasm anymore,” added Bruganelli. Finally, Bruganelli explained why they decided to deny the indiscretion of the “then possible” breakup: “To take back what was ours.” “It’s okay to be judged because we’re public figures, but we could.” been separated for a while and didn’t want to say it.”

“It was news that we should have been the first to tell those responsible,” Bonolis said. “But in the fascinating world of Pettegolandia, humans cling vampirically to the lives of others, ignoring feelings, affection, and children.”

“More than a lesson in separation, it’s a statement of what love is,” comments director Simone Marchetti in the editorial. “It would be great if stories like this weren’t just the exception to the rule, but became a role model, an inspiration.”

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