Sergio D’Angelo breaks the delay: “I am a candidate for mayor of Naples”

twelve o’clock, May 3, 2021 – 7:50 pm

The announcement in the afternoon in a live broadcast on Fb: I waited for “traditional politics” to give concrete answers but in vain. The city was left alone at the hardest time

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Sergio D'Angelo
Sergio D’Angelo

I am applying for Mayor of Naples. Sergio D’Angelo announced it this afternoon live on the page Facebook All the beauty of Naples with Sergio D’Angelo breaking the delay and personally making news that had been in the air for weeks if not months. It was not a simple decision – explained D’Angelo – both because the leaks forward do not belong to me and because I am a firm supporter, even now, of the need for true unity between all democratic and progressive forces.

The descent into the field

With the application now formalized, the work of the promoting group “Sergio D’Angelo Sindaco”, which for months has been the protagonist of awareness campaigns on social media and in the city to collect adhesions (which have now exceeded three thousand signatures), reaches its goal in support of D’Angelo’s candidacy, also in light of the continuing difficulties faced by democratic and progressive forces in identifying a candidate who can represent and unite them all. I thank all those who in recent months have continued to insist on convincing me. I am, and I remain, convinced that true unity is needed between all the democratic and progressive forces in the city, the new candidate for mayor stressed. I waited for “traditional politics” to give concrete answers, but I waited in vain. Naples was left alone in the most difficult moment. For this reason – he continued – I decided to break the delay and propose an inclusive, open project, which is able to involve and thrill Neapolitans and Neapolitans and which has a clear, simple and achievable goal: to radically improve the quality of life of citizens – concluded Sergio D’Angelo – and in the coming days I will list the initiatives that we will put in place.

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Neapolitan, one of the leading experts in social policies, third sector and ethical finance at national level. He is responsible for numerous battles for work, education, equal opportunities, health, welfare. Founder and president of the group of social enterprises Gesco, state councilor for social policies in the Giunta De Magistris from 2011 to 2013. extraordinary commissioner of ABC, special company for the management of public water of the Municipality of Naples.

The promoting committee

Born last March on the initiative of six hundred citizens – including writers, entrepreneurs, directors, social workers – today it has over 3,000 people. The goal is to support Sergio D’Angelo’s candidacy for mayor of Naples. Among the first signatories were the writers Angelo Petrella, Serena Venditto, Chiara Tortorelli, Aldo Putignano; the producer Gaetano Di Vaio, the director Guido Lombardi, the publisher Rosario Esposito La Rossa, the guarantor for the prisoners Pietro Ioia, the Sister of Charity Aurelia Suriano, the former municipal councilor for social policies Monica Buonanno.

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