“Serie A can only get better, but the stars are elsewhere” – Corriere.it

Let’s take our mind off immediately, will Fabio Cannavaro return to Naples as a coach?
“I know this rumor is going around, they flooded me with messages. But no, there is nothing concrete. And Napoli already has a very good coach ».

Everyone gives Gattuso at the start, though.
«I hope that Rino will stay a long time. Then, I’ve always said, I hope one day to coach in Italy. I feel Neapolitan and a Napoli fan, I left very young, and not by choice. I carry Naples in my heart, and I miss it, I especially miss the sea of ​​Naples. But what should we do? Leading my hometown team in the future would be the best. But for the moment I do my own path. Here in China I still have a two-year contract ».

The ex-boyfriend of Fuorigrotta, captain of the Azzurri in Berlin, today he is 47 years old and every morning he grinds kilometers by bike in the Cantonese province. He answers the phone, on the other side of the world, where he just finished theretraining of his Guangzhou, a team that led to the Scudetto in 2019 and to the final the following year. Tuesday starts again, new championship and team renewed also due to the cap imposed on salaries. “Since I’ve been here, we’ve been rejuvenating the squad. Moreover, a glorious generation: they have won 8 league titles and 2 Asian Champions ».

A team perhaps more pragmatic than spectacular.
«In the end, the results count, a coach must answer for those. Of course, there are various philosophies, there are those who try to win by proposing an offensive football, with a more cautious approach. But then, what are we talking about, how many goals have Inter scored? ».

With 69 goals he has the second attack of the championship.
«Here, how do you say it’s a defensive team if they score so much? It’s like criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo, as some have done recently, although the Portuguese has already scored 25 goals in 27 games. The truth is that nobody does the bolt anymore, and that the matches are interpreted according to the opponents and the forces available ».

However, it will agree that the “Great Beauty” of football is elsewhere.
“Unfortunately we no longer have the strength to hire talented young people, they prefer to go to the Premier, in Spain, or to PSG. I had time to train with Maradona, to mark champions like Ronaldo, Il Fenomeno, or Zidane. In the 80’s and 90’s we attracted the best of world football. Now this is no longer the case and this should make us think. But let’s not get down ”.

So Sconcerti is right, is football that makes you fall in love only what great champions can afford?
«If you have De Maria, Mbappé and Neymar, or Lewandoski, Messi or CR7, it is very likely that your football will be sparkling. Beyond the tactical aspect, it is the champions who invent individual play and make the difference. But then there must also be the right mentality, for example that of Bayern Munich who went to Paris to impose his game, an approach that is not at all conservative. But it is a question of tradition, of culture ».

A culture that Italy lacks?
“We often think more about tactics and less about game development”.

And how do you see Mancini’s national team?
«I like it a lot, I see players who are not mentally blocked, they are free and have fun. They run and help each other. They have only faced qualifying matches so far, soon we will see the real value of this team. But in the meantime, there are victories and confidence is increasing ».

13 coaches left the national team that won the World Cup in 2006.
«We have been fortunate in our career to be trained by great technicians who have transmitted this passion to us. After all, it is wonderful to be on the pitch and have the opportunity to share your ideas with young people ».

Juventus, Andrea Pirlo coach: those 2006 World Champions who go to the bench
Andrea Pirlo

Can you tell us what happened in Doha last December, after the elimination from the Asian Champions League? She and her staff were detained in the hotel for 12 days.
“There was a misunderstanding with the organization and with the company. We had a single entry visa and could not leave. In other words, we could not return to Italy, as we would have liked, but we had to go through China, making the necessary quarantine. There was a bit of tension, but then everything was resolved ».

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What was it like living the Covid season in China, where it all started?
«Today the virus is no longer here, or if it exists, we do not notice it. There are very few cases, we go around without a mask on the street. Everything is open: cinemas, theaters, shops. But we spent a very hard year, even longer for me, separated from my family ».

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