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of Valentina Santarpia

“There can be no justice where there is abuse, there can be no re-education where there is abuse,” says the premier after visiting the prison of violence. Cartabia: “An opportunity to turn the page on the prison world”

Prime Minister Mario Draghi is on a visit today, together with the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia. in the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where the violence against the detainees took place which led to the opening of an investigation with more than 150 suspects. «Coming to this place today means looking closely to begin to understand – explains Draghi – What we have seen in recent days has deeply shaken the consciences of Italians. And, as I learned a little while ago, it deeply shaken the conscience of the prison police colleagues who work faithfully in this prison ». The terrible images seen on all the media, with the detainees tortured, humiliated, and beaten, are images that the government “does not intend to forget”, because those recorded in Santa Maria Capua Vetere are not triumphs, but ” the consequences of our defeats ». The ongoing investigations “will establish individual responsibilities – recalls Draghi – But collective responsibility belongs to a system that must be reformed”. “There are thousands more inmates than there are beds”, a condition that does not allow the prison to play its role, because “detention must be recovery, rehabilitation. Prisons must be communities. And we must protect, in particular, the rights of the youngest and of the inmates. Prisons must be the beginning of a new path of life “, and” there can be no justice where there is abuse, there can be no re-education where there is abuse “. Draghi stresses that “rights must always be protected, especially in a context that sees limitations to freedom”.

Thanks to those who work with dedication

Furthermore Draghi recalls that “Italy has been condemned twice by the European Court of Human Rights for prison overcrowding. There are nearly three thousand more inmates than there are available beds. In the Campania institutes there are about 450. These numbers are improving, but still unacceptable. They hinder the path towards repentance and reintegration into social life, objectives repeatedly indicated by the Constitutional Court ». Yet, we must not forget the loyalty and attachment to the service of those who work for social security, recalls the Prime Minister, to avoid that even the honest ones end up in the cauldron of social and media condemnation: “In such a difficult context, they work every day, with a spirit of sacrifice and absolute dedication, many servants of the state. The penitentiary police, for the most part, respect the detainees, their uniform, the institutions. The educators ensure the rehabilitation purposes of the sentence “. «Cultural mediators assist inmates of foreign origin. Volunteers allow many of the reintegration activities, ”he adds, expressing his thanks to those who carry out their duties correctly.

“Turn the page”

But how do we overcome such a difficult moment in prison history, the “very serious events” that took place a year ago? As the Minister of Justice points out, this must be the occasion “to turn the page of the prison world”. “Prisons must be reformed”, Cartabia said referring to the need for organizational and material modernization of the 190 Italian prison houses and “immediate and immediate responses” are needed with recruitment, more staff training to adequately accompany the inmates in the re-education process aimed at by the penalty. Cartabia recalled that the PNRR envisages the construction of eight new pavilions, one in the San Marino prison, and that its package of justice reforms envisages “a more rational use of alternative sanctions to prison”.

The meeting with the Whirpool workers

But Draghi did not limit himself to prison: he also met a delegation of workers from Whirlpool, who arrived in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, blocking the traffic of the Appia state road to make his voice of protest heard. The officers who intervened in riot gear shouted: “Take off your helmets and protest with us.” Then, given the green light to meet Draghi, they cleared the highway.

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