Siena, green light from the Democratic Party for Enrico Letta’s candidacy for the supplementary rounds for the Camera-

Now only the last word is missing, that of Enrico Letta. It will be the secretary of the Democratic Party to decide whether to run for the Chamber in the Siena college for the autumn supplementary after the resignation of the former minister Padoan. The official s to Letta arrived from the provincial leadership of the Democratic Party, the same one that only a few months ago had expressed its opposition to the proposed candidacy of former premier Giuseppe Conte. The reasons are very understandable. Not only was Conte considered a politically intruder as an exponent of the M5S, but there was also a geographical reason against his candidacy.

Letta, unlike Conte, a Tuscan (born in Pisa) where he lived and studied and is also well acquainted with the problems of the Sienese territory. The provincial secretariat, late Thursday evening, therefore approved a document that not only formally gives the go-ahead for the candidacy (which has already had the approval of the regional Democratic Party) but considers it an opportunity for our province and for the capital. The Sienese demos also write that they appreciated the first initiatives of Letta as secretary, the involvement of the grassroots, the clear words on identity issues, the proposals made and the way in which the party was led. And above all, the party comrades have very positively evaluated the words of Letta with which he explained that his possible candidacy must be decided by the territory. In addition to being an element of prestige – reads the document – Letta’s candidacy can have the strength to represent the innumerable requests and priorities that this territory has at a regional, national and European level. Now the choice only of the secretary Letta, according to the Sienese Democratic Party. If you accept, we undertake to support your candidacy with the utmost commitment and the utmost loyalty – reads the note from the Sienese provincial secretariat – by mobilizing all available forces, establishing a collaborative relationship with the provincial federation of Arezzo and with all levels of the Pd of Tuscany, working for the construction, on the name of Enrico Letta, of a coalition as broad and representative as possible of the center-left.

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