Siena, the Democratic Party officially asks Enrico Letta to run for the seat in the Chamber

The provincial leadership of the Democratic Party of Siena has unanimously approved a document that officially asks Enrico Letta – a native of Pisa – to be willing to stand as a candidate in the single-member constituency of Tuscany 12. The vote of the 80 delegates arrived well after midnight at the end of a long discussion in view of the by-elections for the post vacated by former minister Pier Carlo Padoan, who resigned as a deputy on November 4, 2020 after joining the UniCredit board of directors.

Given the current political situation – said the provincial secretary Pd Andrea Valenti – we believe that the candidacy on the Sienese college of the national secretary could represent an opportunity for our province and for the capital. We appreciated the first initiatives of Letta da segretario, the involvement of the grassroots, the clear words on identity issues, the proposals made and the way the Party guides – reads the document approved by the Sienese democrats – We also appreciated what the same declared Read arguing that the decision regarding the candidacy must take place from the territory.

We believe that the candidacy of the national secretary, in addition to being an element of prestige – continues the document – may have the strength to represent the innumerable requests and priorities that this territory has at a regional, national and European level. At the national political level – concludes the document -, we believe that to make the political action of the Democratic Party effective, the secretary must be actively present in Parliament.

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For the same seat, the center-right has already made official the unified candidacy of the wine entrepreneur Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi.

11 June 2021 | 09:13


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