Silvio Soldini, when films are born from investigations of reality –

from Laura Zangarini

The Milanese director talks about himself in the last appointment with the review created in collaboration with “Il tempo delle donne”. Guest in video link the actress Alba Rohrwacher

MILANO Gives “Giulia in October” (1985), his first work, at ” 3/19», to be released in theaters next November, women are the backbone of Silvio Soldini’s cinema. Sixty-three years old, director and screenwriter, brother of the famous sailor Giovanni, Soldini was a guest yesterday at the meeting “All women by Silvio Soldini”, organized as part of “Fuoricinema”, a review created in collaboration with “Il tempo delle donne” . In video link the actress Alba Rohrwacher, protagonist of three of the ten feature films, as well as shorts and documentaries, shot by the director. “Through the female characters – he began – I was able to tell stories like that of Rosalba (Licia Maglietta) of “Bread and Tulips“, It is difficult for a man to be forgotten in a motorway restaurant”.

On many occasions, the director recalled, «films and protagonists are born From reality. This is the case, for example, of “What I want more“, Played by Alba, and”The hidden color of things, “ the latter born from an encounter with the world of the blind ». In fact, if there is one thing that, says Soldini, “I just can’t do it is to talk about things I don’t know. I have to go to the field, understand. In “3/19” one of the characters plays the director of the Milan morgue: I went to meet him personally in order to tell who the director of a mortuary. Alone “I burn in the wind” is based on a novel, “Yesterday”, By the writer Ágota Kristóf. It happens when I fall in love with writing, language is very important to me “.

«Nothing about the work done by Silvio – Rohrwacher intervenes – is accidental, every choice is investigated with care and dedication. His gaze on women has created a map of the female soul that will remain forever. Her films made me grow as an actress: Anna’s, the protagonist of “What I want more”, I have the memory of a huge challenge. A complex character, very far from who I am. Here, I would say that he has always “moved” me from me ».

Another constant in Soldini’s films is the encounter. «It’s true – he confirms the director – is one of the topics that runs through all my works. In “Bread and Tulips” is between Rosalba and Fernando, the waiter of the small restaurant in Venice, played by Bruno Ganz. The idea was to move the character of Licia from the world she had never left and take her to an “other” place, unknown to her. Other movies, like “The acrobat“, They cross characters who would never have met, a theme that in some of my stories is more underground but always present”.

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