Simone Biles, after retiring even in the general competition, the challenge with Vanessa Ferrari in the free body questioned –

from Arianna Ravelli

The US star’s Olympics may already be over. Global support for the choice to prioritize mental well-being. Michelle Obama: We are proud of you, Simone

Simone Biles’ Olympics is in danger of being over. At the moment, the US Federation formalizes the withdrawal only from the final of the general competition (won among men by the Japanese Daiki Hashimoto, teenage heir of the national hero Uchimura): We wholeheartedly support the decision to Simone and we applaud his courage in giving priority to his well-being. His courage shows, once again, why he is a role model for so many, says the statement from the Federation with whom Simone has never made peace, after the report of the harassment of the doctor Nassar and the lack of independent investigation that she has asked repeatedly. It is impossible to think that in the current distress there are no roots that sink into that history.

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The general competition is the heaviest test, the one that sees the gymnast performing on all four tools, including the vaulting, Biles’ house specialty, but also where – with an uncompleted jump and an inaccurate landing – Simone’s demons have taken over. Then there would be the final of the individual tools: the same vault, the beam (the only specialty where Biles did not take gold in Rio, but bronze) and, on August 2, the free body, where Vanessa Ferrari landed in the final with the best qualifying score.
In sar the challenge between the two? At the moment no one knows, the day of the great rejection Simone said she would rest and then evaluate day by day, after having denied that she had any problems. physicist (Just a blow to my pride) and speaking openly about mental disorders.

And perhaps it makes perfect sense that an Olympics organized in the middle of the Covid pandemic ends up being that of exhibited fragility. Simone’s gesture forced the world to reflect on price of obligatory perfection and has received many demonstrations of support, from Michelle Obama (who tweeted Am I capable enough ?, Yes, I am: the mantra I practice on a daily basis. Simone Biles, we are proud of you and cheer for you) a Michael Phelps, one who won his 23 gold medals for depression and suicidal thoughts and who now works with a foundation on children’s health and mental problems: Simone broke my heart. Athletes need someone they can trust, someone who can make them feel themselves and listen to them. That allows them to be vulnerable. Athletes carry a huge burden on shoulders.

Until recently it would have been unthinkable to admit one’s fears in this way, much less withdraw from an event in full Games. Biles (as well as the Osaka tennis player at Roland Garros), as Bartleby the scribe said: I’d rather not. Others are suffering and they say it. The American Nyjah Huston was the absolute favorite for the gold medal in skateboarding: finished seventh and wrote on his Instagram profile that he had never heard so much pressure. Then he added: I’m sorry, I know I have disappointed some people. I have no problem admitting it, but I am human.

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