Sostegni decree, grant of one thousand euros to non-repayable fund for the “exodus” of the ristori-

At the moment, the amount of funds for the coverage of aid to the “refreshments exodus” is equal to 20 million euros, reached “with an amendment of the 5 Star Movement to the Support Decree, approved last night by the Budget and Finance Committees. of the Senate ”, as communicated in a note by Gianmauro Dell’Olio, M5S group leader in the Senate Budget Committee. According to the senator, “an important signal was launched by introducing protection for the benefit” of those “startups that had found themselves excluded from the train of the Refreshments and risked being penalized also by the mechanism provided by the Dl Sostegni”.

The classic example, explains Dell’Olio, is that of VAT numbers opened in 2018, “but between one thing and another they began to invoice perhaps only starting from the second half of 2019”. With the amendment, “a non-repayable grant of one thousand euros” was envisaged. We are still a long way from the coverage figure that the Mef had assessed as necessary to help the excluded: 400 million euros. “It is a small sign”, concludes Dell’Olio, “which, however, we plan to strengthen in the next regulatory vehicles, to ensure protection for all those activities that risk finding themselves in a kind of limbo in the interlocking game of the Ristori and Dl Sostegni.”

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