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from Salvatore Riggio

Innovative therapy for the Argentine to regenerate cartilage with the aim of extending his career and improving the troubled condition of his left knee

Taking care of every kind of detail to be ready for this new adventure. was the idea of Sergio Aguero, who turned 33 on 2 June and in this market session moved from Manchester City to Barcelona.

He Kun comes from a troubled year to say the least and for this reason he has decided to undergo a very special treatment: to use the stamina cells to allow your body to extend your career a little more. To report the news was Ser string. The Argentine will therefore follow a medical project in the hands of Dr. Roberto Soler and the Institute of Regenerative Therapy.

The goal of Aguero, fresh champion of South America with his national team? Restore the left knee. In short, the part of the body in which the Kun has suffered most trauma (and had already been operated on) during his long (and happy) career. Obviously, over time, things have not improved, quite the contrary. And for this reason Aguero has decided to opt for the treatment of stem cells. The team he is addressing claims that it is possible regenerate cartilage by extracting stem cells from the bone marrow and culturing them. The process would allow to multiply the number of stem cells and have the cure ready.

What is not done just to play with Messi? the question that his new Barcelona fans ask themselves on social networks. Waiting to see the Argentine tandem at work.

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