Stadio Serie under management at Arus, the facility inaugurates a new season

twelve o’clock, June 1, 2021 – 5.15 pm

Agreement signed by the Region with the Regional Sport Agency after the concession to Giano has been declared invalid. We will ensure more open use

With the agreement signed today, the Campania Region has entrusted the management of the A. Necklace sports facility to Arus – Regional Agency for Sport, already the subject of a concession to Giano SSD srl, which has been declared invalid. The assignment to the regional Agency, reads a note from the press office of the Campania Region, concludes the procedure initiated by the Region in August 2020. The priority purpose of the agreement signed with the Agency is the promotion of sporting activities aimed at all the community and in particular to the youth groups, the elderly and the handicapped.

The terms of the agreement

The agreement provides that the management of the facility by the regional agency is based on the following criteria: seeking the highest quality in the management of sports facilities and facilities and in the organization of activities, for the primary protection of the users of the services; guarantee the most open, complete and equitable use of sports facilities and facilities, combining maximum functionality with maximum usability, in relation to the different types of users and the different characteristics of the activities; aim not only to satisfy and support, but also to develop the demand for sport at the local level through specific projects, the note continues. The use of the sports facility must be based on maximum usability by citizens, CONI, sports federations, sports associations and clubs, sports promotion bodies and schools, for the practice of sports, recreational and social activities and guaranteed, on the basis of objective criteria, to all sports clubs and associations that practice the activities for which the facility is intended. Furthermore, the use of the structures and sports facilities – concludes the note – is inspired by the principle of free access, in favor of the general public. Events, shows, cultural and recreational non-sporting activities can be carried out inside the structures and facilities, as long as they are compatible with the conservation and functionality needs of the structures and facilities. The delivery of the facilities to the Regional Sport Agency scheduled for June 5, 2021. (source agencies)

June 1, 2021 | 17:15

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