Steel, skyrocketing prices. Ex Ilva in hibernation. The Italian paradox –

The great outline of the Gemma, the cargo ship for the transport of raw material moored for six months off the port of Taranto, it lends itself to summarizing the contradictions of the former Ilva steelworks. In a moment of strong tensions on the steel market, due to the very lively demand linked to the global recovery and the rising prices, Gemma should sail the seas and instead, standing there, to remind us of the impasse in which the Apulian plant finds itself. There sentence of the Council of State it clarifies the powers and competences of local authorities and introduces an element of certainty. But just one step, Taranto needs other security both as regards the environmental remediation of the plant and as regards its future. As said and repeated a hundred times, the former Ilva is a decisive asset for the ambitions of manufacturing Italy, without the steel that comes from second steel plant in Europe our mechanical processing industry would not have the necessary supplies, in quantity and quality, to work with the necessary programming. Already today the coils in Cornigliano and the tomato harvesting season risks being wasted because food companies lack the tinplate destined for cans. Incredible.

The 2.5 billion for the relaunch

It is well known that citizens do not think in the same way as the steelmakers of the North or the national government itself, but this distance must be recovered and closed. They were put on the plate 2.5 billion euros for the relaunch of the former Ilva and there are therefore the conditions to reduce polluting emissions, to keep the area hot and to start the new electric ovens. There are conditions to turn the page. this is the basis for mending the relationship with the territory, a frankly more solid basis than the aired hypothesis of sponsoring Taranto Calcio just promoted to Serie C with hundreds of thousands of euros. ‘expected benevolence.

Steel, high demand

Once the dispute has been filed with the Council of State, it is now a question, as the trade unions are also asking and as the related entrepreneurs claim, to speed up the times for bring the plant back to produce steel and thus recall workers from layoffs (an incredible waste in a season in which the demand for steel is at its highest). The old board of directors can approve the 2020 budget and thus start the establishment of the new one which records the discontinuities linked to the entry of Invitalia as a minority shareholder thanks to the first tranche of 400 million (equal to 38% of the capital). But together with the completion of the procedures, once it has been decided that Taranto is strategic, the State must move with determination to restore order to the many contradictions that the former Ilva continues to carry with him. The relationship with the private shareholder, the multinational, is not excluded Arcelor Mittal, which until Invitalia becomes the majority shareholder (May 2022) will still have full powers in the company, albeit with 50% of the voting rights.

Target: 5 million tons

The proof that is expected from the facts that there is no conflict of interest between the presence of Arcelor Mittal in Taranto and the other European plants and therefore production can start at full speed. Moreover, with today’s steel prices, no self-respecting company manager would maintain the narrow gauge plant. And the goal of producing at least 5 million tons in 2021, as indicated by the unions, plausible. If the time between now and the day on which Invitalia takes control of the company were still to re-propose this misunderstanding of interest, we would have made yet another mistake.

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