“Suspended for the whole of 2022. The challenge for Italy is the Recovery Plan” – Corriere.it

The spring forecast of the EU Commission estimates a return to pre-crisis levels for the European economy by the end of 2022. For the first time since the pandemic, we see optimism prevail over uncertainty – said the Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni presenting the results – Obviously that uncertainty is still there. But the recovery is no longer a mirage: in progress. We must avoid mistakes that could weaken it: that is, a premature withdrawal of public support. These numbers will be the basis for the discussion on the return of the Stability Pact, suspended a year ago due to the pandemic. The decision has already been anticipated in various meetings that we will keep the “flight” clause of the stability pact until the end of 2022 – explained Gentiloni -: based on today’s economic estimates, it will remain for the whole of next year. Then we consider the evolution of the situation to understand if there are the conditions to restore it. The decision on the return of the Pact will be made around the end of May.

a delicate decision that is linked to the request from several parts of reform the Stability Pact. The Commission will make a proposal in the autumn. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gentiloni focused on the implementation of national recovery and resilience plans, a key to success for economic recovery, especially for our country (public debt calculated as a percentage of GDP). Italy’s growth forecasts after a very negative recession in 2020 are positive and encouraging – said Gentiloni -. The main challenge in the coming months and years is the implementation of the Recovery reform and investment programs we are discussing, because it is evident not only the contribution of the plans to these growth estimates but also the fact that only the implementation of a plan of this ambition can make growth prolonged and lasting.

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