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The Golden Gala Pietro Mennea on a trip to Florence becomes a renaissance evening of a blue athletics who is experiencing a moment of great ferment. The Diamond League exclusive showcase and hunting reserve for world stars, but this time there is also room for some glimpses of blue, with Gimbo Tamberi returning to take flight (2.33, third with the same size as the winner Ivanyuk) in what its true seasonal debut, very useful to begin to exorcise his Olympic obsession.


The Florentine track tells about 4 best seasonal world performances: sensational the 5000 meters of the last scion of the Norwegian dynasty of the Ingebritsen, with Jacob who lines up the running Africa, stops the clock on an exceptional 12’48 “45 that also European record and then amazes by declaring that in Japan to assault the 1500 meter throne. Seasonal firsts also for the Moroccan El Bakkali on the 3000 hedges (8’08 ”54) that show the world the smile of two new Italians who improve their staff and bring the specialty back to speeds that have not been touched since the golden days of Panetta and Lambruschini. The Roman of Egypt Abdelwahed flies in 8’12 ”04, the Sicilian from Tunisia Zoghlami he reaches a notch in 8’14 ”04; for both an improvement that smacks of optimism in view of Tokyo.

Obstacles and records

Seasonal World Cup again for the Jamaican Mc Leod (13 “01) in the dance between the high obstacles and for the Dutch from Somalia Hassan who after having demolished and lost the world record of 5000 in the space of 2 days, surprises herself before her opponents by flying about 1500 (3’53 “63) in which the Teramo Gaia Sabbatini he runs at a pace of personal best that is worth the fifth Italian performance of all time (4’04 ”23), but then he takes refuge in tears for having failed by a measly 3 cents the standard that gives the right to Olympic qualification. In his Florence the lead ball of Leonardo Fabbri which lands at 21.71 while on the face of the gentle giant we see the smile after the black period sacrificed to Covid and a condition that seemed to have evaporated.

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Larissa doesn’t smile

In front of her mother Fiona May, on the other hand, Larissa Iapichino is unable to take flight in the long jump, for her a jump (6.45) that cannot satisfy her, but in days there will be the maturity exams and does not hide in the last period more time on the books than on the platform. Dahlia Kaddari also improves on the 200 meters (22 “86) of the British Asher-Smith (22” 06) in the evening when the Italian speed regrets the absence of Marcell Jacobs (recovering from a muscle injury) and Filippo Tortu on the 100 meters (technical choice). But Italy that runs, jumps, launches comes out of Golden Gala with a nice feeling of freshness. Gimbo Tamberi’s rediscovered flight may represent the dawn of a summer illuminated by the rising sun.

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