Taxi Driver on TV: De Niro was really a taxi driver for twelve hours a day and four other things you don’t know about this masterpiece

June 22, 2021 – 7:11 am

On February 8, 1976, one of the iconic films of that season was released, without too many proclamations and with a low budget: it would have grossed millions of dollars, consecrating the actor and Jodie Foster

of Alessandro Beretta

It was close to Valentine’s Day when a taxi driver with a crest enchanted the audience on the big screen. It was February 8, 1976 and Travis Baker (Robert De Niro) that same evening had stared at a mirror with a gun in his hand talking to himself: Are you talking to me ?. Taxi Driver (tonight on Sky Cinema Drama at 7pm) had arrived on the big screen, consecrating Martin Scorsese. A film, written by Paul Schrader, in which the anti-hero par excellence, New York becomes a character to live in the car, and the character of Travis, as his violence and his protective attitude towards the underage prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster), gives rise to a disturbing and contemporary psychosis. Pauline Kael, the most famous of American critics, called it: One of the few truly modern horror films also because the final shooting, at the time, caused a sensation. Accompanying it, the notes of the latest soundtrack signed by Bernard Herrmann, famous for the music, among other things, of Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.

  A taxi driver with the crest.

June 22, 2021 | 07:11


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