The accountant Tognazzi in a provincial intrigue boccaccesco-

from Maurizio Porro

“Come and have coffee with us”, one of the best Italian comedies ever.

If you want to have fun with intelligence, and explore the hypocrisies of bourgeois provincial life, don’t miss it Come and have coffee with us, one of the best Italian comedies ever. Directs Alberto Lattuada, a great director a little forgotten, of which a retrospective is underway at the 74th Locarno Film Festival with all his over 40 films, including the national-popular triumph Anna. The Coffee, from ’70, written with the critic Tullio Kezich, Baracco and Piero Chiara who gave the subject of his novel The partition, is a Boccaccio provincial intrigue with some historical characters who have deserved a success that materialized in almost two and a half billion 50 years ago.

Ugo Tognazzi is in one of his top roles, of petty and calculated vulgarity: the only northerner among the colonels of comedy, he embodies in absolute psychosomatic perfection, the rag. Emiliano Paronzini. Pay attention to the names, onomatopoeic in the satire of the hypocrisy of lakeside places that Chiara knew well, just look at the beginning with the solo at the restaurant in which she shows solitude and moral and material misery. The accountant wants to marry and meets the three wealthy Tettamanzi sisters going to have a coffee with them but, after having married one, the oldest, he also takes pleasure in complicated relationships with the others until his strength is exhausted: a pochade, a three-way erotic game in the provincial villa, dangerous relationships dissolved in the irony of a novel with a magnifying glass on sexual repression of every order and degree. The three post-cecovian sisters are very good because they are different but three actress temperaments of fine irony: Angela Goodwin (the bride), Francesca Romana Coluzzi, the most sensual slender woman and Milena Vukotic (who will be Fantozzi’s wife). Lattuada carves out a cameo, he is a doctor.
“Come and have coffee with us” by Alberto Lattuada, 1970, Sky cinema comedy (can. 309) 2 pm

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