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“Have you seen theFinancial Times? ” When the premier asked the question yesterday, his interlocutors understood that it was not a question but a political message.

With national media focused on Salvini’s attack on the government for curfew time, there’s a reason the prime minister pointed to the City newspaper, which dedicated the main front page headline to the $ 221 billion plan. which Draghi will use “to rebuild the Italian economy devastated by the recession”.

It was a way to reiterate what his priorities are. What, however, had already seemed clear the evening before in the Council of Ministers. When Giorgetti had announced that the League would not vote on the decree on reopening – “and I’m not going to explain why you read the newspapers so much” – the premier had limited himself to a laconic “good” before giving the floor to another minister to go ahead with the order of business. And the debate would have continued as if nothing had happened, if the owner of the Culture had not asked to intervene to underline what it was The Carroccio’s decision was “serious”.

At that point, since he could no longer refrain from doing so, Draghi had briefly expressed himself on the subject. And after having quoted Franceschini’s same adjective three times, he had closed the subject. Without loading Salvini’s tear with emphasis, without allowing space for the rhetoric of indignation. Knowing that you have compromise already in your pocket, namely the amendment of the decree in mid-May if the pandemic data improves. And if the premier has not granted anything else to the head of the League, it is because – says an authoritative minister – “after having cornered Hope on the reopening and having said that Healthcare is all to be redone, he had no intention of satisfy requests that are out of the bag and fuel controversy ». The case for Draghi is closed.

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So it manages to keep two worlds apart: on the one hand the politics first, with the tactics of the parties and the daily diatribes; on the other hand the government action and the intervention strategy on those it considers the only priorities. It is on the vaccination plan and on the NRP that the premier concentrates his energies, aware of the many risks and the limited time available. In fact, when they propose scenarios too projected towards the future, he interrupts the discussion and says with a smile: «We will talk about this another time. Also because you never know, I wouldn’t want me to find myself immersed in the quagmire in a few days ».

To avoid this, he must transform the Recovery plan from thoughts into works without omissions. Yesterday he welcomed the “complex and very well done” draft, which rests on two pillars: digitization and the ecological transition. «It is important – he commented at the end of the summit – that it emerges the plan for the restart and growth of the country“. If today the Council of Ministers will discuss the project without voting on it, it is not just because the premier is waiting to verify any requests for implementation by government representatives. It is also for a form of attention and respect towards Parliament, than next weekwill examine the Pnrr in the Chamber and Senate classrooms.

On the other front, the vaccination plan, Draghi continues to be reassured on the full success of the operation which is completely in the hands of General Figliuolo. On this point with the Regions there has now been a definitive clarification, if it is true that the commissioner has sent the directive on vaccinations accompanying it with the ruling of the Consulta of last February, where it is explained that “it is up to the state to determine the measures necessary to combat the pandemic»Caused by the Chinese virus.

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Rather it is on the supply of doses that continues a daily battle. AstraZeneca is now eagerly awaited to proceed with the agreed delivery of two and a half million doses. Qualified sources explain that the multinational biopharmaceutical continue to delay opposing reasons that seem “unacceptable”. For example, if the Anglo-Swedish company has seven factories in Europe, it is not clear why they attribute the delay to problems they had at one of its plants in India. And what does the waiting for an EMA authorization for a factory in China have to do with it, where the commissioner has discovered that the company does not produce vials but only the raw material of the vaccine. The threat of a heavy damages action is a way to speed up the delivery of doses and ensure the success of the vaccination plan. This is what Draghi really cares about in avoiding “the quagmire”.

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