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Already in the morning the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, he cut short: “The final of the Europeans will take place at Wembley – he said on Sky TV -. I was at the stadium on Friday, it was wonderful to hear the crowd cheering again, we have a great one location“. And already on Monday evening, in the heat, British government sources had pointed out to the Courier servicethat those are the established venues and that London is fully committed to running the games safely.

On the other hand, that the British have decided to go straight ahead can be understood from the preparations that go on undaunted: on Tuesday they announced that the capacity of the London stadium, for the last three matches of the European Championship, will be expanded up to 75% of its maximum, so you can accommodate over 60 thousand spectators. For the three games played in the group stage, the capacity at Wembley had been limited to 25%.

“We are thrilled to announce – tweeted Oliver Dowden, London’s Minister of Culture and Sport – that more fans will be able to pass through the Wembley turnstiles to enjoy the Euro2020 finals”. “While as the UK we continue on our own roadmap towards the exit from the lockdown, we intend to ensure that public safety however remains our top priority “, Dowden specified, claiming to the British government that he” worked very closely with UEFA and the FA to ensure rigorous and stringent measures to allow more supporters to watch the show live “.

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“The finals – concluded the minister – are announced as an unforgettable moment on the road to our national recovery from the pandemic”. In fact, on July 19, the end of all restrictions is expected in Great Britain: and having the final parade due to the out of control Covid would cast a heavy shadow on the return to normalcy.

But to lend a hand to Draghi in the request to re-evaluate the location of Wembley, Angela Merkel, who was already alongside the Italian premier in the press conference on Monday, seemed to take the field: the German chancellor said she hoped UEFA would act “responsibly” on the issue of matches to be played in the United Kingdom, given diffusion of the Delta variant in that country.

It must be said that so far the issue has hardly been recorded by the British media: but there is no doubt that it will heat the spirits if indeed the Draghi hypothesis were to take shape. And the first to ride the fight would beand Boris Johnson himself: already on the occasion of the Super League affair it was seen how the British premier is able to read the mood of the fans and take sides on that side. And for a national-populist leader like lui the “Battle of Wembley” would be a far too tempting opportunity. Furthermore, Mario Draghi, the man who saved the euro, would be the perfect opponent for the architect of Brexit, who would have one more opportunity to point out the alleged perfidy of Europeans. Not that Johnson does not admire Draghi: by now he has begun to quote his “whatever it takes(At any cost), even if he uses it to threaten the EU. And Boris told the recent G7 that, had it been up to him, he would certainly not have saved the single currency. In short, there are all the ingredients for a good match.

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