The bronze of the blue «four without» will be remembered as a miracle of rowing-

from Mario Garofalo

The harmony found in so many months cannot be recomposed suddenly, on the morning of the match, with a companion catapulted to replace the owner in quarantine. Yet the 4 Italian boys did it all the same

To understand the miracle performed by the boys of the four without knowing the music of the boating, the harmony of the trolleys that go back and forth on the tracks, the alternation of the forces of physics that cross the boat.

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When rowing you have to go all exactly together, follow the rhythm of the overturning that is aft, keep your fists at the same height, enter the water with the blades in unison. Just a little jarring, an insignificant setback and the hull slows down, as if a million algae surfaced on the surface to stop it. This is why the crews train a lot of time together, every day, several times a day. They experiment, they change the number one rower with the three, the two with the four (the count starts from the stern), they do balance exercises, three strokes and stops with the fists on the edge and the blades in mid-air. The harmony found in so many months, he cannot be recomposed suddenly, on the morning of the match, with a teammate catapulted to replace the owner in quarantine. TOTAL MEDALS

For those who know rowing this is impossible. The boys of Italy, on the other hand, have succeeded and transform their bronze into a virtual gold, even if the great Giuseppe Abbagnale, federal president, bites his hands for the misfortune that happened to him. Especially since the four without a difficult boat, in which technique, coordination and balance count more than in others. lighter and more sensitive to the waves and the wind, which yesterday blew hard and sideways. The direction is controlled by the overturner, who must simultaneously use all his muscular strength in rowing, maintain the rhythm and finally operate the rudder with his foot and prevent the oars from going on the buoys or colliding with the British who have gone off course. Like a magician, Giuseppe Vicino made it and his companions (Matteo Castaldo, Matteo Lodo and the late replacement Marco Di Costanzo) followed him. Chapeau!

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