the candidate of Fratelli d’Italia- is in the balance

Pending the vote in the Chamber for the new board of directors, the rumors give for excluded Giampaolo Rossi, indicated by Giorgia Meloni. Fi and Lega would have indicated Igor De Biasio and Simona Agnes

A blitz by Forza Italia and Lega in the Senate knocks out Giorgia Meloni’s candidate for the new board of directors of Rai. what emerges from some indiscretions, while the first vote, that in the Senate, on the four councilors appointed by parliament is in progress. The House will vote tonight.

Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, therefore, would have indicated for the board of directors respectively Igor De Biasio (outgoing director) e Simona Agnes (daughter of Biagio, super director general of Rai in the 1980s). Stay out, like this, Giampaolo Rossi, the outgoing director of Fratelli d’Italia who would have been the only representative of the opposition on the board. Meanwhile, Pd, M5S and Leu have closed an agreement on their names: they are Francesca Bria, at Pd altitude, and Luigi di Majo, for the grillini. But even here there is no shortage of discontent: Italia Viva protests because he would have preferred Stefano Menichini to the Bria. As for the grillini, the M5S members in Supervision are dissatisfied with the choice of di Majo because, after a long examination, they had chosen another candidate: Antonio Palma. It is possible that these stomach aches spill over into the Supervisory Commission when it is called upon to ratify the appointment of the president in pectore Marinella Soldi. Here it takes 27 votes out of 40 to pass: if the disappointed M5S members were to disengage, the votes of Pd, Leu, Lega and Forza Italia would remain, that is of those who were satisfied with the appointments: in all 21 votes.

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