The center-right in the face of a conflict (not just political) –

The conflict over the Copasir presidency is not only a reflection of the difficulty of keeping the center-right united when one piece in the government and another in the opposition: Lega and Forza Italia joined the coalition of Mario Draghi, Brothers of Italy remained out of it. If it were just that, there would be nothing different from what had already happened in the recent past. But this time it is a guarantee body called to control the secret services on behalf of Parliament.

And, as a matter of practice, except for Massimo D’Alema’s previous one, the presidency was given to the opposition. Today entrusted to the Northern League player Raffaele Volpi, elected when the Carroccio was out of the government. The Brothers of Italy claim it, as the only party in the opposition. But no resignation of the current summit is expected.

The presidents of the two chambers, Elisabetta Casellati of the Senate and Roberto Fico, two days ago explained that it is up to the political forces to find a solution, throwing on accusations of pilatism by FdI. The meeting scheduled for today therefore comes against a background of controversy and poisons. It re-proposes the problem of relations in the center-right marked by competition and tension especially between the Lega and FdI, with Matteo Salvini being electorally threatened by Giorgia Meloni: a duel that is repeated in these hours on the destination of cashback money, to be diverted according to the leader of the FdI on compensation to businesses; that in recent days the European position of the two parties, present and future, has had as its theater; and which for months has been consumed on candidacies for mayor in large cities. In this question, therefore, political and institutional balances are mixed. One wonders whether in the face of a large coalition such as the one led by Draghi, it is not advisable to entrust the opposition with a controlling role: in particular when faced with a delicate body such as Copasir. The League got the job for that very reason. The phase, however, is different. President Volpi has called the Committee for today at two.

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But it is not clear if they will be present even members of Meloni’s party. The threat of deserting the meeting is accompanied by the hypothesis of appealing to the Quirinale. Debatable hypothesis: this is a parliamentary matter, which is not the responsibility of the head of state. On the other hand, in the FdI strategy, the conflict over Copasir is part of the all-out one against the government. It therefore goes beyond the weight that the Committee has in a phase in which espionage is shown to be dangerously active. Paradoxically, precisely the heterogeneity and breadth of the coalition and the ambition of FdI, with 6 per cent of the votes, to represent the opposition, promises to make the story more tangled. And without solution.

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