the Democratic Party creates problems of sealing –

Mario Draghi tries to put an end to the fight on the redundancy block. We have taken a step forward, I hope that unions and businesses find themselves in mediation. But, judging by the reactions of the CGIL, CISL and UIL, the trade unions are dissatisfied with the half-way back which the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, who, at the last moment, last Thursday, managed to insert Sostegni in the decree law bis a mini-extension of the freeze on redundancies from 30 June to 28 August. Now, after the protests of the Confindustria – which yesterday with the vice president Stirpe reiterated that the ministry is not the referee but wears a tunic – the rule, by the will of Draghi himself, has been removed. And Salvini attacks: The Democratic Party is creating problems for the government. As explained by the Prime Minister, from 1 July there is no longer an absolute ban on firing, which according to the Orlando law would have concerned companies that had requested another Covid layoff..

Since he can be fired

Now manufacturing and construction companies, that is, those that have access to ordinary and extraordinary cash, will be able, as already established before, to lay off from the day after the end of the block (30 June, while for small and tertiary companies, which have access only to the cig in derogation and to the FIS, the block lasts until October 31). But there is a strong incentive not to do so, explains Draghi, because that part of the law that eliminates the additional contributions for companies that will resort to the ordinary and extraordinary fund remains until the end of the year. In this way, firms in difficulty will be able to keep workers in cash at no cost, provided they obviously do not lay off. A mediation that has slowed down the process of the decree (signed yesterday by President Mattarella) and in which the trade unions cannot be found, accusing the government of paying too much attention to Confindustria. And the CEI is also worried and asks that the protective umbrella not be closed. The leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, says that the game continues in Parliament (significant that yesterday Minister Patuanelli of the 5 Stars took sides in defense of Orlando) and in the mobilization of workers (USB has already proclaimed an articulated 8-hour general strike at the provincial level). The secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, reminds us that, according to the analysis of the Bank of Italy, there are 577,000 places at risk.

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