the dispute over the double mandate undermines the coffers of the 5 Stars-

The countdown has started. In less than a hundred hours the new statute of the M5S will be made public. Beppe Grillo – in his confrontation with Giuseppe Conte – gave the green light to the changes that will give a new body to the Five Stars. These are mostly organizational and structural changes, starting with the introduction of a de facto secretariat and the creation of a network of territorial representatives. A fundamental step for the Contian refoundation of the Movement.

Yet among the Five Stars continue grumbling and stomach ache. A problem to be solved quickly for the former prime minister. There are several factors that hold the spot. They range from discontent due to the weight in the government (there are those who ask for the head of Minister Cingolani after the attribution of proxies) to the issues – closely linked to each other – of monthly refunds and the revision of the rule of the ceiling of two terms for the elected pentastellati. The doubts are so strong that they eventually cross the borders of the groups. In my opinion, the time has come to overcome the constraint, says Azzurra Cancelleri (in her second term) to theAdnkronos. While Gianluca Castaldi underlines: We need to value experiences. I don’t think there are any more unassailable dogmas, he explains to theHuffington Post another veteran, Sergio Battelli. And then Conte stings: I hope there isn’t a single man in charge. Alessandro Di Battista, from Bolivia, defends the M5S golden rule and attacks his former colleagues: it is disheartening to read the statements of many parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement who today – he writes on Facebook – with the pandemic not yet over, with the middle class collapsing, with Confindustria making good and bad weather and with a social crisis out of the ordinary, they prefer to put their mouths on the rule of the double mandate obviously with the aim of canceling it and being able to continue living in the institutions.

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The real threat – for Conte – that the parliamentarians deliberately delay the payment of the contribution of one thousand euros a month, oxygen for the battered coffers of the Five Stars (also sunk by the 250 thousand euro agreement with Rousseau). The parliamentarians want the former prime minister to speak clearly. Each position risks discontenting a faction. If the veterans push to continue, the last generation are worried that the abolition of the rule and the reduction of the number of deputies and senators will ultimately harm them. Moreover, both Grillo and Conte are in favor of the entry of new faces. A labyrinth from which it seems difficult to get out. As well as for the composition of the secretariat. The maneuvers to weigh in and put themselves in the front line for a role have begun among the big names.

And on the criteria for choosing candidates (also in view of future elections) the first rumors begin to circulate. In the last hours, the hypothesis of a hybrid system on the style of the 2019 European Championships has taken shape, when Luigi Di Maio chose the capilista and the other candidates were fished from the web: a solution that would allow the top management and the former prime minister to have hands free . But the issue will be addressed anyway in a long time, close to the Politics.

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