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From 16 to 19 the International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo returns to Milan: 38 films from all over the world also visible online

“Unmasking the present to build a future”: this is the slogan chosen by Francesco Bizzarri, president of the International Documentary Festival Visioni dal Mondo, who returns to Milan from today to Sunday, at the Litta Theater and the Leonardo National Science and Technology Museum. da Vinci.

Documentaries abroad in prime time

“The documentary is the cinema of reality, which is opposed to fiction”, explains Bizzarri. After all, the documentary is a genre that is passionate more and more. «It is true – confirms the creator of the festival – it is a genre that is growing more and more. They are true stories told by the protagonists with a cinematic style. Abroad documentaries often go in prime time; in Italy it is a bit more difficult even if Sky has doubled the channels and Rai, but also many platforms, are giving more and more space to this genre “. Why do they like it more and more? “Because it allowed a non-institutional world to tell another truth, not official stories. Documentaries are a garrison of democracy, they sound the voice from below, and they offer a different angle and point of view ».

Guest Nick Broomfield the Master of the genre

Of course, thousands of documentaries from all over the world arrive at the Festival and the selection was not easy. 38 were chosen that touch on the most disparate themes. To open the event there is Last Man Standing Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie & Tupac by Nick Broomfield who arrives specifically to inaugurate the Festival. Broomfield, an English director, known for his ability to delve into the lives of the most famous artists, is a great master of the genre: he has directed documentaries dedicated to Withney Houston, Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen. And Michael Moore is inspired by him ».

Artificial intelligence, lack of water, modern fairy tales

Gonzo is there anyone who has impressed him more than others? «Hard to say but maybe I like to quote
Artificial Immortality
on artificial intelligence and immortality; or Taming the garden of Salomé Jashi which is a modern fairy tale, even though it is all true; or again
Living Water
by Pavel Borecký which gives space to today’s great problem, the lack of water which is now the true blue gold. Without forgetting the Italian documentaries of great value including that of the jazzman Paolo Fresu ».

Milan, the capital of documentary cinema

An edition that

consecrates Milan as the capital of documentary cinema, confirming the formula open to the public with free admission, in compliance with safety protocols, subject to availability. Furthermore, to reach an even wider audience, the Festival also maintains the digital formula and all the works can be seen on www.visionidalmondo.it

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