The enemy of the Democratic Party is the League but the M5S is the real pitfall-

The broadsides of Enrico Letta against the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini and those of his predecessor Nicola Zingaretti against the grillina mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, indicate a Pd engaged on two fronts. The national one sees a center-left especially inclined to distance himself from the Carroccio: an obvious opponent, even functional in the reciprocal game of parties between the sides. The secretary who expressed dissatisfaction with the Salvini method in yesterday’s meeting with Mario Draghi, accused of having one foot in and one out, confirms this strategy.

But the real threatens the other. The slippery side are relations with the ally of government of the last year, yesterday and, perhaps, tomorrow. The agreement with the M5S proves to be an acrobatic operation. At the European level, a stateless grillism, so far rejected by the big political families, relies on the Democratic Party to be allowed to join the socialist group in a shorter or longer period. And this while the European Commission puts all governments before their own responsibilities, inviting countries to publish the recovery plans sent to Brussels.

But at the local level, the contradictions and fights in the M5S are unloaded on the agreements virtual with the Pd. The national leadership can only try to stem the attacks; and at the same time hope that the leadership of the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will take shape; and that the electoral campaign in the big cities in view of the October vote does not crumble that much or little of essential convergence to draft an alliance. it was enough that Conte’s idea of ​​allowing nominations for the third time for reasons of merit was leaked to unleash the ire of the Movement.

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And yet, it was aired by the designated head of the future. The problem that I just get into theory, because there are now many of M5S. And in Rome, around the Campidoglio and in defense of Raggi, Grilline troops are barricaded, determined to make it the last stronghold to be defended: a sort of small Palazzo Chigi from which the mayor must not be evicted as happened with Conte; and that considers the Democratic Party, before the center-right, as the enemy to be defeated.

Perhaps because the closest opponent to challenge in view of the ballot will be that one. Thus, as soon as Zingaretti criticized the asphalt flows ordered by the mayor on the Lungotevere, the promenade that follows the course of the river in the capital, the reaction was triggered. Gypsies like Salvini, the grillini thundered, pointing to the Pd mayors of the past as the first responsible for the havoc, and choosing a politically sharp comparison. But only the taste of a clash that the leaders of the Pd and M5S will struggle to contain in the coming months.

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