The Flash has all sorts of villains to fight, but one of those villains isn’t just the mischievous Loki-esque wizard many readers think.

flash Faced with a few liars, but a lot like Marvel’s Loki, and one of them might even prove to be a secret hero. After Barry Allen’s death, the Flash title fell to Wally West, who also inherited all of Barry’s previous villains. Among them was a naughty wizard named Abra Kadabra, a technical magician who loved the stage.

Abra Kadabra is often seen as a low-level villain, a problem someone as powerful as Wally can solve quickly. Barry Allen beat him multiple times, and each time he came back with an even more outlandish plan.until Mark Wade flash made him an even bigger threat and revealed a hidden side to the wizard. Originally a time traveler from the 64th century, Abra Kadabra was transported back in time to the Flash era to become a stage magician and get the accolades he desperately wanted. However, his stunts became increasingly dangerous to the citizens of Keystone, and soon he strayed into the path of evil. After an uphill battle and clash with the new Flash Wally West, Cadabra is presumed to have died in an accidental explosion.

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It soon became apparent that he was not dead at Glitter Roll #1 By Mark Waid, Mike Parobeck, Travis Charest, Mike Collins, José Marzán, Jr. and Greg LaRocque. His return marks a new chapter in Wally’s life, and the Flash sees for the first time that he’s not just some villain from Barry Allen’s past. The first thing Cadabra did was try the greatest magic possible to bring everyone in Keystone back from the wave of death he caused. It’s hard to believe that such a man could have been a hero at any time, but surprisingly he had good motives in the 64th century. While he spread chaos throughout the 20th century, in his own time he was known as a revolutionary. As punishment for his protest, he was sent back to Wally’s time, and it was thought the chaos of that period would be the ideal place for him to settle down. But perhaps it was the chaos of the times that led him down the dark path of evil. His original era was an extremely oppressive one, with everyone operating like drones in a hive mind. The idea of ​​moving from unity to complete singularity may have overwhelmed Cadabra’s minds, leading him to believe that they too needed a revolution.

When he returns to the future, he meets a group of revolutionaries who are equally committed to his cause, and who draw inspiration from Cadabra. A man who was so feared in Wally’s time is now revered. His fight for the right to freedom of speech played an important role in the liberation of the people at that time. In fact, being brought back to his time was the reason for their liberation. Even Wally agrees that he is right and decides to help Cadabra escape and start the revolution all over again. While Abra Kadabra is ultimately unfit to lead a country after a revolution, he still inspires many and shows that not all villains are evil because of it.

Abra Kadabra might be a fun, chaotic villain for The Flash, but his backstory and intentions prove that even villains can do good things. With Wally’s help, he did save an entire century of citizens and finally did what he originally set out to do. Even if he ends up hating Wally more because he sends him back to the 20th century. hope, Tonhe flashes Will continue to see his worth and gain more respect Rocky– style villain.

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