the Fortitudo player falls back after the post denial-

Pietro Aradori does not lose the habit. After posting a denier message about the pandemic on his Instagram profile, the Fortitudo Bologna basketball player made another misstep on social media. On the Easter weekend was photographed in fact at the Vistamare hotel in Lido di Savio, on the Romagna Riviera, together with 15 people, all without masks. The shot was posted by one of the participants on Instagram. In the photo you can see the blue in the center of the group, without any protective device. The photo immediately made the rounds of the web, becoming viral.

The gaffe and the apologies

After the first gaffe, Aradori apologized in an interview with Corriere della Sera: «I was wrong and now I want and I have to apologize to everyone. I shouldn’t have taken up those sentences but I’m not a denier ». Then adding on his Instagram page: «I would get the vaccine today. I always use all precautions because it is correct and I believe in it ». Words that now lose their value given his second misstep. In the post indicted some time ago he spoke of “a health emergency that does not exist”, “the vaccine that more and more people are inoculating and destroying themselves”. He had taken up the phrases of Cesare Sacchetti, blogger and journalist not new to conspiracy theories on the pandemic, expressing doubts about the vaccination campaign: “You must not get a vaccine because it is useless or you must reopen everything because it serves to put an end to the so-called pandemic”, and assuming that the health emergency itself has “artificially inflated by the globalist dictatorship”. In words, he then denied these theses. But with the facts he contradicted himself again.

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