The four members of the Rai Intesa anti-Meloni board of directors have been elected in the center-right

of Antonella Baccaro

Tensions also in the M5S for the choice of Majo’s lawyer, close to Conte

The appointment, yesterday, of the members of the Rai Board of Directors by parliamentary appointment leaves heavy aftermath within the parties and alliances. The elected representatives are Alessandro di Majo (M5S) and Igor De Biasio (Lega) in the Senate, while Francesca Bria (Pd) and Simona Agnes (Forza Italia) are elected in the Chamber. The choice of the latter, by Lega and Forza Italia (161 votes), led to the exclusion of the only member of the opposition: Giampaolo Rossi, outgoing director, in the Brothers of Italy share. Which already, through the mouth of Daniela Santanch, announces fire and flames in the Rai Supervisory Committee. The only director whose appointment passed away De Biasio (102 votes), however, is a confirmation: I am happy to get back to work for the largest Italian cultural company, commented the Northern League. For the rest, the choice of Francesca Bria by the Democratic Party (162 votes), with the support of Leu, left Italy alive, who preferred Stefano Menichini. Hence the white ballot deposited in the urn.

But the biggest grumbles emerge in the M5S, where the choice of the lawyer Alessandro di Majo, dear to Giuseppe Conte, has displeased many. In particular, the grillini of the Supervisory Commission who, through a selection, had chosen Antonio Palma, current president of the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint. The defections are noticeable: di Majo in the Senate takes only 78 votes, when between Pd, M5S and Leu, allied to each other, he could have taken 118. The discontent would have found an outlet during a heated group meeting convened at Palazzo Madama. Under accusation, the political leader Vito Crimi and the group leaders of the Senate and the Chamber, Ettore Licheri and Davide Crippa. If the new course of the Movement begins like this, trampling the will of the elect, a bad start says a senator. The same scene of discontent is repeated in the Chamber.

For today called the shareholders’ meeting of Rai (the Treasury) which should approve the financial statements and ratify the appointments to the Board of Directors of Carlo Fuortes, the next CEO, and Marinella Soldi, destined for the presidency. Not before the Council of Ministers meets, which will have to approve the same choices and which has been convened at 4.30 pm. The new Board of Directors must then elect the Chairman, whose appointment must be ratified in the Supervisory Committee by a majority of two thirds. We will see here if the aftermath left by the parliamentary appointments will take effect. Brothers of Italy will get in the way, Pd and Leu will support Soldi. Italia viva, which is considered the sponsor of the president, likewise. We need to see if Lega and Forza Italia will declare themselves satisfied. According to rumors, they may miss their Soldi vote to steer the commission on Agnes. The necessary votes are 27 out of 40. Those of the Lega and FI are 14 in all.

Yesterday Fuortes was able to answer some questions about his for the first time designation considered biased by the center-right: it is obvious that all my background can be very useful to Rai which, beyond the political controversies, is the largest Italian cultural company and this must remain ..

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