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The latest challenge from Jos Mourinho, the coach he has on his bulletin board 25 trophies, to delete the Rome of the zero titles. It was he, on March 3, 2009, in a fiery press conference, who coined the phrase that became historic. They criticized his Inter and he asked what was to be said of Rome, of Milan and Juventus. 100% Mou.
Moving to 007, with a blitz in London last week, Dan e Ryan Friedkin they found an agreement with Mou. The first step was made by the Giallorossi GM Tiago Pinto, by contacting Valdir, the right arm of the most powerful Jorge Mendes, which in the portfolio of his Gestifute has the coach, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Di Maria, James Rodriguez and many others. Mou had just been sacked by Tottenham and Tiago Pinto threw a hook hoping for the miraculous catch. Facts, not words: this is how the Friedkins rekindled the Romanist enthusiasm that immediately rose to unimaginable levels, especially after such a disappointing season.

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Mourinho returns to Italy
The media hit

a worldwide media hit, similar to that of Juve with Cristiano Ronaldo. Turns the football world spotlight on Roma but it gives luster to the whole A league. It would be a mistake, however, to think that it is an image operation. Mourinho he never played just to participate, he will not start playing Roma. He knows that it took him on the bench to win a championship in Rome Liedholm e Capello. Here the Special One can come back again.

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The preview of the shot, in the morning, was the announcement about Paulo Fonseca: will stay until the end of the season and then the roads will separate. Even if they beat Man United 4-0 in the second leg of the Europa League semi-final, the day after tomorrow. It seemed the way to avoid the ordeal of the indiscretions on the exemption but the bang had to come a little later. Roma and Mourinho join forces with a three-year contract worth 7 million net plus bonuses per season (thanks to the Growth decree peser for 10 and not 14 on the Giallorossi balance sheet). Tottenham will contribute with others 9 million to the technician: are the severance pay of the 16 million agreement that tied him to the Spurs until 2023. In any case, a savings.

Thanks on social media

I thank the family Friedkin for choosing me – wrote Mou on social media -. I immediately understood how high the ambition of this company is, the same one that has always motivated me. Together we want to build a winning path in the years to come. The incredible passion of the Roma fans convinced me to accept the job and I can’t wait to get started. Gives Roma!. At Inter he presented himself with I’m not an idiot, in Rome he chose the phrase that the fans repeat as a mantra.

The importance of the path

Path the same word of the Friedkin: Jos has won trophies at every level and will guarantee leadership and experience for ours ambitious project. a big step forward in building a winning mentality for our club. He will not be asked to win immediately, just as Mourinho will not be able to ask for purchases with skyrocketing prices. The balance of Rome in deep red, but the Friedkin will continue to invest. The arrival of the technician is the guarantee of an important future. The base is there (including Dzeko), you need 3-4 centered purchases. Jorge Mendes will help. The idea of ​​revising De Rossi in the technical staff o Totti among the managers suggestive but to be studied. Who will live, will see. Only Rome could offer a Mou the opportunity to complete the bulletin board with the trophy he never won: la Conference League. But now we have to finish seventh in the league, the last mission for Paulo Fonseca.

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