“The future? I have so many things to do. My life partner has arrived »- Corriere.it

from Arianna Ravelli, sent to Tokyo

«It ends here, it was a nice trip. While I was swimming, even if you couldn’t see it, I had a smile ». And then confirms for the first time the love with Matteo, his coach: “A special person, who will be so also in the future”

He smiles before entering the water, while making the heart with his hands. And then he smiles even when he comes out, because he wasn’t pretending when he said that the “medals department was closed” and his seventh time, the best he swam in the season in 1’55”91, is not the most important thing now. Even the victory of the new Terminator Titmus (1’53 ” 50), and the collapse of Kathy Ledecky only fifth must share the attention of the world with the greeting of the Divine. “It was a nice trip, many years of strokes: I enjoyed it from start to finish” and the smile is wet with a few tears, but it is like when it rains with the sun. «You didn’t see me but I smiled even while I was in the water. When I touched I said: fine, so what? ».

And so Faith, thank you. «Today I am very happy, it was the most peaceful final I have ever experienced. I am happy with the journey, with the journey that my staff and I have made over the years. We have really done everything possible, and for an athlete it is the thing that matters most ». This is the right time: to leave swimming (“they always told me that I would understand when it would come, it’s like a switch, turned off, it’s right to leave after an Olympic final, there is no better”) also to launch into life and finally reveal what everyone knows, and that is the next piece of the journey Faith will want to do it with Matteo Giunta, his coach, at his side: «If Matteo had not been there, I probably would have stopped a few years ago – the opening on his private life on Tg1 -. Matteo is a great coach and a special life partner and I hope it will be in the future too. The priority was to keep the image of the coach and the athlete separate and we were very good at that. He was a fundamental person, one of the most important in this human and sporting path ». Which could have stopped when the Olympics was postponed. It is useless to think now about what would have happened with a year younger and a different shape: «I couldn’t do anything about it, or I accepted it or I stopped swimming, we all reacted. It was not easy to adapt the prospects for me, this final was one of the most difficult for me ».

Now another piece of road to go begins and there is no lane to indicate the way: «But I have a lot of things to do, now I will make leaflets at the Village to get me elected as a CIO athlete. I have to go home where they are waiting for me, then I want to celebrate my birthday because 33 years is an important age, and then in September and maybe even November there is the Isl in Naples. And then again the docu-film, a book, the recordings of Italia’s got talent. And I will stay in the world of swimming. I leave the strongest team ever, I leave in good hands ».

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