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The echoes of a near-miss institutional clash will not fade soon, also because the tension between the government and the regions intersects with the “Salvini case” and the suspicions that the leader of the League is thinking of getting out of the majority. Yet for Palazzo Chigi the accident is closed. “Storm in a glass of water” is the unofficial reading. Government sources deny that in the Council of Ministers the premier has “changed the cards on the table” and assure that Mario Draghi does not want to have a curfew at 10pm until July 31st, when the decree expires. “We will carry out a careful monitoring and as soon as the epidemiological situation improves we can make other easing”, is the line with which the premier reassured the right wing of the majority.

As for the school, the other chapter that sparked fibrillation, Gelmini sought mediation by acting as a bridge between Palazzo Chigi on one side and Fedriga, Toti and Zaia on the other. The rule of the decree is partly derogable, provided that the territories that have serious problems in managing transport safely do not fall below 50% of distance lessons. A compromise that has eased tensions, even if for the leaguers it is only “a sop to the stars, at the insistence of Patuanelli”.

“The problem is solved,” Gelmini assured the governors, explaining that Forza Italia also wants the curfew to be abolished, but that the decision “was taken by Draghi” and she had to adapt. The climate in the majority remains cold and the drafts are felt. Inside Forza Italia, inside the League, between the center-right parties and between right and left. We are not all against everyone, but the risk of attrition is around the corner. Proof of it the whirlwind of phone calls to mediate and smooth out that he saw Giorgetti, Gelmini, Fedriga at work … On the phone with Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli, the president of the Conference assured that “the regions are not looking for a fight”, but “the people are angry” and the governors they make proposals “to prevent the tension from exploding.”

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Salvini he says he is convinced that this round has won him “the closing line of Hope, Pd and 5 Stars” and that the center-left parties want to push him out of the government. Given the climate, Enrico Letta asks for a truce, a “pact of concertation and co-responsibility” to carry out those “unrepeatable reforms” that Europe expects from Italy. But to the irritation of the secretary of the Democratic Party at Salvini’s moves, who has to decide “if he is in or out”, corresponds the anger of the League.

The Northern League regions accuse the premier of taking too much account of an electorate that is not the center-right one. Another interpretation denied by Palazzo Chigi: “The choices are made on scientific data, not on political orientations.” The government right, however, insists. And if he asks Draghi for “more courage” it is why hopes to obtain a new decree in two weeks, which will abolish the curfew and allow public places to be opened even indoors. “With cinemas, theaters and museums Franceschini has obtained a gigantic signal for the most protected social class, while one hour of curfew has not been granted to restaurateurs – a Northern League governor vents – If we do not bring home some results for our block social, the thing becomes heavy “.

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