the key men are Donnarumma, Barella and Berardi-

L’Italy has a great team, but not the best, not yet. To win a tournament you have to grow within the tournament. And you have to play thinking about yourself why the indecipherable and almost always worrying exterior. To try to understand how the intersection will end, you have to start from three different points of view and then add them together. They are needed a sure reference, an undecipherable reality and a real surprise. If these three factors add up to the normal qualities of a good team, the game becomes simple. In Mancini’s Italy the security brought by Donnarumma. He does not have a physical harmony to help him, not a natural athlete, he has more of the good-natured than the irresistible. For ever the best Italian player, the one with the highest international level. The contract with the PSG al double the figure of Milan also closes the frantic question of ingratitude. left for a double engagement, not by a whisker. And he thanked Milan by playing 251 league games with his shirt. I would say that they are all equal. Donnarumma in Italy is worth half the work. He is our wall and our rest. If he is not up to it, there will be no way for everyone.

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The reality still to be dimensioned is that of Barella. curious is inspired by Dejan Stankovic, who had heart and talent, like Barella, but twice the size. Without either of them being a model of balance on the pitch. Trying to find another example of Barella in the history of football a game in which many have already failed. He looks like no one, has its own exceptional numbers and at times its authorial charms that become a diamond because it isolates it, makes it unique. Barella not Tardelli and not Antognoni, like not Pirlo and not Rui Costa. the personal interpretation of man everywhere who alternates imperfect generosity with luminous ideas. this type of player who makes the difference at the great levels. All players are fundamental, but many are alike, so do others. Stretcher like De Bruyne, like Busquets, like Bruno Fernandes, like Foden or Mount, in the sense that they exist on their own and make a difference.

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The surprise

The third diversity remains. Find a surprise. This is a role that can also vary from game to game, we have many candidates, for example Church, Castrovilli, of course Badge, which much more, for example Verratti or Spinazzola. But there is a name that is growing in silence, that of Domenico Berardi, 27 years old from Cosenza, awarded as the best young European in 2015, which we have always kept low because he plays in Sassuolo and because he likes to play there, he asks for nothing else. Berardi, a number ten moved to the wing, has a very fine left-handed, not Latin, a little phlegmatic, demonstrative, in the North European style, like a great German or English. Mancini actually never really thought that the owner was Chiesa in that role. Explosive church, in a short tournament a difference, an exception. Berardi is the most complete player, of those who make a total of an unattainable sum. If none of these three realities make a mistake, we will finish in the top four.

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