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Yesterday, Saturday 30 January, the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico he conducted the first consultations to verify – as requested by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella – the existence of the conditions for the formation of a new government with a political majority in Parliament, after the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Yesterday, very intense, Fico met the delegations of Movimento 5 Stelle, the Democratic Party, Italia viva and Leu. Today the meetings are with the European Parliamentary Group – MAIE – Senate Democratic Center (10 am), the Senate Group for Autonomies (11.20 am), the Mixed Group of the House limited to the Components that refer to the majority (Democratic Center- Italians in Europe; Maie-Italian Movement of Associations Abroad-PSI; Linguistic Minorities: 12.40 pm) and the Mixed Senate, always limited to the members who refer to the majority (2.00 pm).

10 am: the new consultations begin
In the hall of the Queen of the Chamber arrived the delegation of the Europeanists-Maie-Democratic Center, the new group of pro-Count leaders born in the Senate.

Ore 9:30
The political situation, at the moment, remains open: yesterday Pd and 5 Stelle supported the opportunity of a re-appointment to Giuseppe Conte; Italia viva did not mention names (nor vetoed), but emphasized the need for a written document, a time schedule. On the Courier service, today, three of the protagonists of the negotiations of these hours speak: the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzi (here the interview, where he indicates his conditions for reaching an agreement); Goffredo Bettini, one of the PD representatives closest to the secretary Nicola Zingaretti (his words here); Silvio Berlusconi, the founder of Forza Italia (interviewed here). As Roberto Gressi writes in his crisis barometer (found here), yesterday marks a step forward on the path of a Count ter (i.e. the third executive led by Conte), but there remains the possibility of an institutional executive, in the case in which there was not a square (programmatic: but also, necessarily, on the roles of government) between the parties that supported the Conte-bis. In this case, the head of state could entrust the task to personalities such as Marta Cartabia, president emeritus of the Constitutional Court, or Carlo Cottarelli, economist and former commissioner for the revision of public spending. To make the outcome of the crisis undecided (Fico has until Tuesday to report the outcome of his consultation work with the various parties to the head of state) are – in addition to Renzi’s requests – the internal fibrillations of the 5-star a patrol of senators (not a small one) seems ready to say no to the hypothesis of reforming a majority with Italy alive.

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