“The Legend of the Fisher King” turns 30: a super cast for visionary director Terry Gilliam

On September 20, 1991, after the victory of the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, it was released in American cinemas (it arrived almost at the same time, exactly one month later, something not taken for granted at the time) “The legend of the fisher king” ( The Fisher King) by Terry Gilliam with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams: a “precautionary” return to the mainstream (bombproof cast, “traditional” storytelling and blockbuster novel – by Anthony Powell – at the origin) for the visionary and stubborn director who three years earlier, with “The Adventures of the Baron of Munchausen” (fifty million dollars at the time against eight gross) entered an ideal Guinness Book of Cinema Records, realizing what is still considered one of the biggest flops in history. With this film he went well: in addition to the lagoon prize, the proceeds were lavish and the critics appreciated. But it is a work that is hardly remembered today: and, perhaps, rightly so.

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