«The M5S does not stop with appeals. Conte will join the New Movement »- Corriere.it

Running towards Conte. For Luigi Di Maio there is no obstacle for the former prime minister to take the lead of the 5 Star Movement. Politics is not done with court appeals. The political consent of the people and around Giuseppe Conte there is a lot of consent and this choice cannot be prevented with an appeal in court. Thus the foreign minister guest at L’aria Che Tira su La7. The history of the movement is moving towards Joseph. If someone wants to appeal to the Italians, it doesn’t matter at all. Less controversy and more work because we are paid to work, continues Di Maio. Does Conte have to register? Joining the Movement, of which he will propose some changes, he calls it a New Movement, a new project, and then reassures: Between Grillo and Conte there is a perfect harmony for the future of the Movement and the idea of ​​the Ministry of Ecological Transition proves it. , adds the minister.

I know the Salvini method

Di Maio also focuses on the government and the relationship with the allies. Starting with Salvini. I understand the Salvini method: there is a legitimate competition in the center-right with Meloni. Less legitimate that this race affects the Draghi government. I’ve already seen this film, I was a minister in the government with Salvini, only then I brought the League to 40%, now it’s going down. The minister announces a controversial issue relating to the case of Undersecretary Claudio Durigon: I asked Durigon to clarify, the clarifications have not arrived and the parliamentary group has legitimately presented a motion of no confidence.

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The Grillo case and Virginia Raggi’s candidacy

I am close to the families involved in this terrible affair, especially that of the girl. But the M5s has no lessons to take from anyone. This, however, is the comment on Beppe Grillo’s video on the investigation that sees his son and other boys under investigation for rape. And a joke about the Municipal in Rome: There are no secret meetings or anything, we are preparing for the administrative. I hope that agreements can be made wherever possible. On Rome it is not a question of finding the right team, we have Virginia Raggi’s candidacy and we will support her, he explains. In other cities there is the Democratic Party that asks not to go with us. Zingaretti against Raggi in Rome? You have to ask the Democratic Party – the minister of the M5S replied -. It is not true that I have asked for 24 hours to reflect. There are no announcements to be made today, but the link between these political forces needs to be consolidated. Cool candidate for Naples? Let’s not pull the President of the House by the jacket – Di Maio cut short -. The two political forces are talking, I ask you to act quickly.

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