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I will explain why I would like to break a spear in favor of the October Revolution

of Antonio Polito

I would like to break a spear in favor of the October Revolution. And consequently the favor of Marco Sarracino, young leader of the Neapolitan Pd and candidate for the elections, who spent a bad quarter of an hour when his opponents found, searching social media, a post of November 7 three years ago in which wrote: Blessed are those who rebel for a more just world. Happy anniversary of the Revolution. To defend himself from the accusations of being a 33-year-old neo-Bolshevik, Sarracino appealed to this newspaper, in the beautiful interview of Simona Brandolini, to mitigate the et. At thirty you can dream, he basically said, then I changed, today I wouldn’t rewrite it.

It can be seen that, as in the Stockholm syndrome, even the victims of this witch hunt which is conducted by rummaging through the digital memory of the network have now surrendered to the inquisitorial method. Instead of contesting the accusation, they apologize. While instead it would have been perfectly legal to answer more honestly that the October Revolution was an episode of great relevance in the epic struggle for the liberation of peoples from exploitation, from tyranny, from the carnage of wars. One can in fact think these things, and honor these anniversaries, without being at all Bolsheviks and I hope also without minimizing in any way the evil consequences that the Bolsheviks drew from that revolution, establishing a tyranny that manages to be even worse and more . more inhuman than the one that had preceded it, actually setting a model of dark and violent state totalitarianism that Nazism itself was inspired by.

If Sarracino’s critics were indeed right, even a tweet celebrating the storming of the Bastille could be equally reprehensible, given that even the French Revolution quickly degenerated into Terror, the first political tragedy of modernity, when in the name of human rights they killed human beings, and to make humanity happy they made human life miserable. If Sarracino’s critics were right, then we would have to condemn all the revolutions that overthrew autocratic and dictatorial regimes, because all or almost all of them were then stained with the same crimes. If they were right, we would have to condemn history, or rewrite it, or ignore it.

But if Sarracino was right, if his sin of admiration for Red October was excusable only because of the age in which it was committed, then the left to which he belongs should start campaigning against Meloni because as a young man he was a militant in a neo-fascist training. What you really can’t do, in fact, is to use indignation for the past selectively, that is, my good and your bad. History cannot be used for contingent political ends. And exactly the reason why, unlike Sarracino, his colleague and companion in the Pd La Regina was forced to give up his candidacy for another post, in which he questioned the legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel, today also the ‘Palestinian Authority recognizes.

Candidates therefore just know ideas and opinions. Otherwise, we will arrive at the paradox that in order to participate in an electoral competition, the first act will be to erase all social traces of one’s identity, one’s thoughts, one’s ideas and attendance. Exactly as it seems to have done the mysterious Tullio Ferrante, candidate of Forza Italia unknown to the most armored in the list blocked in no less than three colleges of Campania, perhaps in the name of his friendship with the honorable Marta Fascina, very close to the beating heart of that party . The elections would become like this, wrote Angelo Agrippa in the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, a private, reserved, almost intimate event, in which only the relationship between the candidate and the candidate counts, and of the latter it is better that the public knows nothing. Not even his political opinions.

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