the risks (to be avoided) of health federalism –

The inhabitants of Procida, to announce the creation of the first Covid-free island to Italy. Then those of Capri and Ischia, with the same goal. And then i 5,800 Neapolitans between the ages of 50 and 59 vaccinated two days ago, i 2,478 children (even under 30) summoned for one open night of vaccines in Caserta, the employees of the regional transport company, the NCCs and the maritime cabotage companies that will soon have their doses.

That the relationship between the governor and the general is tense is not a mystery, and two days ago the president of the Region even went so far as to talk about delinquent management of vaccines, complaining that Campania received 200,000 fewer doses. That was also true, however, the governor before bothering with those two hundred thousand from Campania deprived of the vaccine he should first explain how he uses the ones he has at his disposal.

Because – in the region where 79% of those over 70 have received at least one dose and only 66% of those over 60 (data provided yesterday by the Regional Crisis Unit) – those who are 50 years old are given vaccines that should first of all to ensure protection for the elderly (Lazio, just to give an example, only yesterday opened reservations for the 56-57 age group)? Because 92% was covered in Procida of the population, while alone 68% of those over 80 non-walkers received at least the first dose? Why today the Napoli 2 Nord health agency vacciner without reservation anyone who shows up between 60 and 79 years of age, without respecting any personal criteria? Because the category non-medical personnel (which also excludes teachers, law enforcement, the frail, caregivers and guests of the RSA) has the record percentage of 98.44% of vaccinated with at least one dose?

The danger – which the commissioner structure is well aware of – that modifying a structured plan on mortality during the race can cause health risks, such as lack of vaccination coverage and an increase in infections of the elderly, with repercussions on access to intensive care and mortality. But there is another fact that worries no less, and the political one: allowing De Luca to adopt his own rules could push other governors to move independently, as it is not by chance that the president of the Sicily Region did yesterday Nello Musumeci announcing a mass campaign in the smaller islands, because in Procida they did it. A vaccine federalism that the government must avert at any cost. Or we will have Regions that, after failing to protect their young people during the pandemic – when in the South, access to schools was denied more than in any other area of ​​Italy – now they risk not protecting (or, at least, not enough) their elders.

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