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Suning takes a decisive step towards Inter and their future. The Nanjing group and the Zhang family have no plans to leave the club for now. The patron and founder of the Nanjing group, Jindong Zhang, was clear about this. «The Scudetto is not the conclusion but the beginning of Inter’s journey. I hope that everyone continues to feel the hunger for victory », he wrote in a long letter of thanks to the Nerazzurri world for winning the title.

A message of continuity, a further signal after those of the past months in which President Steven Zhang’s desire not to sell Inter was understood. Papa Jindong, however, draws a path here too. «Despite the impact of the pandemic and the repercussions of the global economic difficulties on the world of football, we felt encouraged to give our best. In moments of greatest difficulty our courage is strengthened ».

The transition is not trivial, it emphasizes the economic difficulties linked to the pandemic and the next ones to be addressed. In an environment electrified by the scudetto just won, Zhang’s letter should be read above all as an act of love towards Inter, not as a free all on expenses, on the contrary. The constraints remain stringent and cost containment will remain the way forward. The first turning point will be the pumping into the club’s coffers of a 250 million loan, coming from an American fund: Bain Capital or Oaktree. The sum will buy time for the Zhang family who will have the opportunity to calmly think about the future. However, Suning’s boss does not imagine an Inter without Antonio Conte. The technician is at the center of his letter. “If now the Nerazzurri flag is waving again with pride, it is thanks to the leadership of Mr. Conte and to each of the players he has been able to express great fighting spirit and unity.” As if to say, without him this goal would have been impossible.

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«We cannot know what obstacles the future holds, but we know what the value of commitment and hard work is, we must not be afraid of facing challenges on our path. The Scudetto is an important step in a new era, a memorable milestone on the road to becoming great again ».

In Jindong Zhang’s projects the new era has opened with Conte and will have to continue with him. Suning’s boss was the most decisive in wanting the technician, he had courted him even before Spalletti’s arrival. Continuing together will require clarity on the market and Suning’s long-term commitment. Conte has never shied away from difficult challenges, but he cannot accept bets in the dark. The real game will be combining the inevitable cost reduction with the legitimate ambitions of the coach and the Inter environment. Zhang is sure: “The best way to honor history is to create new pages.”

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