The series on the children of the Berlin zoo: a missed opportunity-

Associating best-sellers and their imagery with the canons of contemporary language is a risky operation that must be handled with care. And it is precisely on these pitfalls that We, the boys of the Berlin zoo slips, the series that adapts the novel symbol of the underground and the discomfort of a generation and the film that followed in 1981. In the German production available on the Amazon Prime platform Video, the story of Christiane F. and the boys lost in a Berlin in the shadow of the wall and invaded by rivers of heroin takes on almost glossy features, in stark contrast to that heavy legacy constituted by an autobiographical novel capable of marking an era . The clean face of Christiane (Jana McKinnon), with her taking refuge in the group and in the transgression to escape the painful separation of her parents, underpins a journey into the underworld which is counterbalanced by the choice of bright and gaudy colors, of a vivid photograph that returns a surprising, modern and stylish Berlin even before being dark and restless.

“We the boys of the Berlin zoo”, the series arrives: the differences with the film, the cast, everything you need to know
The new adaptation

Around Christiane, friends, each expressing stories, move and different torments: Axel, who works as a worker, Babsi, a girl from a middle-class family who tries to escape from a set everyday life, Stella, with an alcoholic mother, who introduces the protagonist to excesses, and Benno of whom Christiane s’ falls in love. The Sound disco is their meeting point; a place that seems to be extracted from contemporaneity rather than from the period in which the events unfold. And a very high level soundtrack (David Bowie, in fact, an added co-star) is not enough to chase away that sense of missed opportunity, of a product that seems to want to talk about an ancient drama in today’s language, of an unease deep without wanting to denounce it completely.

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