the seven were angry with me? I want a football free from blackmail »-

There is a strong suspicion that, in addition to attacking Dal Pino, the clubs were interested in hitting her …
«My goal is to contribute to building a capitalized and undebted (Italian) football, free from blackmail and more mature than it has been in the past. It is unthinkable to continue to tolerate a level of relationships that, in some circumstances, transcend even good manners. My Federation recognizes respect for all its interlocutors and expects to be given the same treatment ».

Will she go straight on her way?
«My approach remains the same. Anyone who knows me knows that I defend the interests of the system, as I did during the pandemic. The FIGC cares about the fate of Italian football and intends to tackle all the problems that afflict it with the right attitude in order to solve them. This is not a manhunt. Anyone who wants to keep hiding the dust under the carpet will be disappointed ».

In the last Federal Council it announced that it will review the quorum and the deliberative majority of the League. Will he be able to make it more manageable?
“My speech comes after two months of excessive litigation and sterile contrasts that have characterized the associative life of the Serie A League. And then it is good to clarify once and for all: the alignment I asked for aims to standardize the Statutes of all leagues and represents a democratic guarantee that does not harm the legitimate interests provided for by law. Furthermore, there are qualified majorities which, for some subjects, cannot be changed ».

But some clubs don’t like the interventions of the Football Association …
«Those who denounce our interference in the life of the Serie A league continue to reject a system approach. I am for a strong A League, but not torn by divisions. It is the role of the FIGC to facilitate the exercise of democracy as opposed to the logic of perennial veto and defeatist inaction ».

The clubs that want to sack Dal Pino also accuse him of not having produced results in discussions with the government on the issue of refreshments and stadium reopening.
«In the most difficult period from the post-war period to today, the Football Federation, with Dal Pino as vice president, has supported the system with an incessant commitment. We have financially supported the Components, from Serie B to the Amateurs, and propped up the League of A by accepting almost all requests for exemptions justified by the pandemic. We have also pleaded the requests of the presidents with the government, obtaining various results, especially in tax matters. If Italy is closed due to the virus, we certainly cannot think of going against the trend of the country “.

Under the track remains the question of investment funds that the seven clubs opposed to Dal Pino oppose.
“It’s a story I’ve never dealt with and I say it forcefully. As federal president I have been and remain impartial. For this reason I find it really dishonest, as well as ridiculous, someone’s whispering that my intervention is aimed at speeding up the matter. Also because, in cases like this, the qualified majority in the League would remain valid ».

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